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Matthew Plumeri

Fontalan/Human Male

Character Information

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Plumeri




Matthew Thomas Plumeri



Recently transferred from Starfleet’s Planetary and Astronomy Sciences aboard USS Galileo to Starbase 400. Having earned his commission at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Member of the Interstellar Planetary Society, The Journal of Histories and the Daystrom Historical Society. On his homeworld (Fontalis), Matthew is a member of the Università di Serse – L’Accademia delle civiltà antiche e aliene.


Fontalis, the Port of Serse with Opera House in Background

Matthew Thomas Plumeri, was born in the Grand City of Serse on Fontalis on the First of Alessandro in 4758. Or, as his father would say, October 1st, 2370. His father, Tommasso Plumeri married his mother, a Fontalan native and her name is Yaniris. Tommasso, a Federation colonist, travelled from Earth to Fontalis, when Yaniris was pregnant, so that when Matthew was born he would be a naturalized Fontalan citizen having both Federation and Fontalan rights and privileges. Fontalis, is a provisional member world and so a few months after he was born Tommasso and Yaniris and older brother Nicholas, middle child, his sister Meredith, all made a permanent move to Fontalis. The Plumeri were one of three major patrician families – along with the Manli, the Fabi, and the Aemili that became the first wave of colonists to Fontalis. They all had an exemplary record of successful Starfleet service in the highest offices extending back at least to the early part of the 22nd century. Several ancestors were Federation consuls and then diplomats successively, and his great-grandfather, Mario Barbatus Plumeri, had been a Federation ambassador to the Caitian Empire in the 2280’s. His own family history had always been impressed upon him by his grandmother and his father. At the time that Matthew’s parents decided to leave Earth, the Plumeri’s were probably the most prominent branch of the family in the region, at least in the hindsight of the historians, who have only glowing reports of his family and his great-grandfather’s and grandfather’s career. So, there was and still is a lot of pressure on him to carry on the family name. Settle down and have a family and be just like all the other Plumeri family males.

University of Serse – Parkview of Orator’s Porticco

Starfleet Recruitment Center with United Federation of Planets tower in view

The University of Serse view of the Piazza.

Matthew is the youngest child, third born son of Tommasso Plumeri, Professor of Social and Cultural Literature and Federation provisional diplomat to the Fontalan government. His older brother, Nicholas Plumeri and a friend since boyhood,Anthony Laelius, serve in the Starfleet Marine Corps, both of whom were inspirational and motivational for Matthew to join Starfleet as well. There is no better way to see the universe than in Starfleet.

Matthew studied at some of the better educational institutions, and his parents were insistent that he learn about the local history of Fontalis and not just his own history. This has inspired him to become the man he is today. Driven and passionate about not just the past, but about the present and the future.

After graduating the Academy with a degree in Ancient and Alien Civilizations, Matthew was assigned to the Diplomatic Corps to help Starfleet Diplomats attend to the affairs of state with a historical perspective. He was there three months before being transferred to Deep Space Five. Two year later, he was assigned to a starship, the USS Illustrious. As far as Matt is concerned, that’s when the adventure started. He was moved to where he should have been all along – the Science Department and stayed there working hard and excelling at his job. He followed the crew to the USS Nimitz after the Illustrious was destroyed. Another two years found him on Starbase 80 as the planet Cheron proved to be a treasure house of artifacts. Right up his alley of Ancient and Alien Civilizations.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2389 Science Officer Starbase 174 Diplomatic Corps
2389 - 2390 Science Officer - Astroarchaeology & Astrophysics Deep Space 5
2390 Science Officer - Astrophysics USS Illustrious
2390 - 2391 Science Officer - Astroarchaeology, Planetary Sciences, Historian USS Galileo
2391 Science Officer - Historian Starbase 400