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Profile Overview

Arrhae t'Rehu

Rihannsu female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian t'Rehu



Played By

Meila (ID: )


Finely chiselled aristofcratically high cheekbones. Tall, slim build with long hair running down to her waist. Quiet, shy, not-quite demure. Dislikes overbearing attitudes and lies.


Arrhae’s father’s family was very wealthy and could trace their lineage all the way back to the First Landing on ch`Rihan. Because of the fact that Arrhae was the only child Delon and Hannam had, they doted on her and gave her anything and everything she wanted. Despite this treatment Arrhae never allowed herself to become ‘spoiled’ or arrogant. At least no more arrogant than the typical Rihannsu. She decided at an early age to devote her entire life to furthering her education and learning all she can in multiple science fields. To that end, her parents did everything they could to ensure that she was accorded every opportunity to accomplish her goals. While Arrhae went to college, she also worked as ne`Arrhai to a shopkeeper/merchant friend of her mother’s. She worked there until she was 26 Federation Standard years of age. When her parents had been killed in an explosion at their home, her mother’s friend smuggled her onto a civilian freighter ship. The security forces, specifically the Tal Shiar, had determined that it was a result of a bomb placed there by the dissident movement currently sweeping the planet. Arrhae had always held her own suspicions of this, since her father had always been a very outspoken opponent of certain governmental decisions regarding relations with the Federation. Because it was a civilian trading ship, it was able to make its way out of Romulan space and across the Neutral Zone without incident.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
freighter captain RCV Llaudh, part of the USS North Star sim