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Klingon Male

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beq Bekk Houff




Gurn is a big guy, his size is a problem in most situations. His higher functions need some fine tuning, but he knows how to fight like a Klingon. Being triple the strength of any Klingon anywhere, he is an excellent sparring partner, drinking buddy, and adequate bodyguard.


Gurn is the result of an attempt to produce a genetically augmented Klingon warrior. The result was a monstrous Klingon with unbelievable capability, who had a learning disability. Gurn cannot learn at any kind of appreciable pace. It will take him a year to learn a new name, but once he learns and can grasp a fact, he does remember it. Gurn is happy being a prototypical Klingon albeit one that was carved from a ship hull in a single stroke. Over time he found kinship in Anslo and Bel, two counselors and medicos that took time to teach him he was capable of learning. They enabled him to pass competency for a basic warrior title, and eventually a coveted Command post as bodyguard. Gurn’s single minded focus allows him to be a very effective guard, who can murder anything that threatens the captain of the ship.