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Raven Roddick

Human Male

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Raven David Rodddick Jr.



Friendly and somewhat brash Raven David Roddick Jr. is the eldest child born to Maryse and Raven Roddick Sr. born in the bustling small town of Reno, Nevada on Earth.
Raven and his younger brother Kyrie and younger sister Kylie live with their mother their father however, spends most of his time away from home on many long running deep space missions.

Raven grew up happy especially when both parents are home. His mother Maryse is a retired starfleet commander who decided being at home with her family was more important than being in Starfleet.

Science and math became Raven’s favorite subjects in school but what he loved most were the days when his father would take him on flights around titans moons and around Utopia Planetia. Raven knew that someday he would join starfleet.