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Nicholas Coleman

Human/El-Aurian Male

Character Information

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Lieutenant Commander Coleman




Nicholas Coleman



Born on Earth to an El-Aurian mother and a Human father. Joined Starfleet alongside his brother, but worked with both Starfleet and the Vulcan Science Academy.


Nick was born in 1989 on Earth to Alexander and Elizabeth Coleman. Alexander was a human male scientist that worked on the eugenics program for the United States, while Elizabeth was an El-Aurian who had come to Earth to study the various cultures she had learned about from a close friend back on her homeworld. Alexander and Elizabeth married in 1985, where they tried to conceive early on. However, due to their genetic makeup, it was harder for them because of differences in genetic markers. Since he worked with the eugenics program, Alexander tried to use a variety of techniques to make it where him and his wife could conceive, but none worked as Elizabeth was an alien.

However, four years into their marriage, they were able to conceive due to a breakthrough in El-Aurian medical advances. Thus, Nick was born and enjoyed being on Earth for several years. However, in 1992, the Eugenics Wars broke out between the United Nations and the Great Khanate and Elizabeth knew it wasn’t safe for her or Nick to stay on Earth. Thus, she made arrangements to get them off on the next El-Aurian transport soon after the war began. Elizabeth decided that it was best for Nick to grow up on a planet that was safe from relative harm.

Nick and Elizabeth grew up on the El-Aurian homeworld for several centuries in relative peace after their arrival back. That peace was broken in 2265, when a species called the Borg came to the El-Aurianhomeworld and wreaked havoc. Elizabeth and Nick were able to make an escape on one of the many transport vessels leaving the planet. Their ship was relatively small, so they were able to make it through the Borg perimitter without being noticed.

Elizabeth told Nick about his homeworld of Earth and about his father, who was a kind man, even if he was misguided in his attempts at eugenics. Nick decided to make their way back to Earth and see what it was about. He wanted to see if all the hype of Earth and the Federation was worth heading back there, especially since they wouldn’t make it back for approximately thirty years.

While it didn’t feel like long for Nick to get to Earth, once he arrived, he learned that two El-Aurian ships had gone along the same path and attempted to make it to Earth. The SS Lakul and Robert Fox had been bringing various refugees back to Earth to settle, but the Robert Fox and Lakul had been destroyed. He found records of Starfleet Officers coming to their rescue and it peaked Nick’s interests in what Starfleet was.

Once in Earth’s orbit and checked by Federation Officials, Nick beamed down to the grounds of Starfleet Academy for a tour to decide if he wanted to join the ranks, as the adage went. As he toured the various facilities, Nick realized that he wanted to join Starfleet and reach towards the stars. He had learned over the years about a field of study, Archeology and Anthropology, which studied civilizations and how they came to be, as well as where they are now. Since his people were now scattered across the galaxy, that field was something that interested him and was something he knew could help to preserve his people’s legacy for generations to come.

As soon as the tour was completed, Nick began the paperwork on the application to Starfleet Academy and was accepted almost instantly. Before the destruction of his homeworld, Nick had studied at the University of Tango-Sangria on El-Auria. Thus, Nick was a prime candidate for the Academy and was accepted within a month’s time.

Nick made it a point to study hard while he was in the academy. Thus, he was able to get through four years of coursework within three years, including his Senior Cadet cruise. After graduating the academy, Starbase One’s Commanding Officer, Admiral Richardo wanted him to join his science team as an A/A Officer, as he was also one of Nick’s instructors and saw his potential.

Nick stayed on Starbase One as the A/A for several years before the opening of Deep Space Two. Upon the completion of the Starbase, Admiral Richardo accepted the position of Commanding Officer and asked if Nick would like to join him. Thinking about all of the new discoveries, he didn’t take long before accepting the position of Science Officer aboard the new base. Before long, Nick became the Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the Starbase and had made several breakthroughs in the scientific and medical fields.

However, before long, Nick realized that he was beginning to hit a wall in regards to his scientific endeavors and needed to try something new before becoming too bitter and stale in his work. Admiral Richardo had retired and the new commanding officer was a rigid and strict officer. So, it made Nick’s job harder and harder as the days drug onward. Thus, he began to look around for positions within Starfleet as Nick stumbled upon an opening at Starfleet Academy for an A/A Instructor.

Interviewing with the Commandant of the Academy, the Commandant asked him if wanted the job on the spot. After being alive for well over two centuries, Nick had experience that few of the other professors could claim. So, Nick became the newest Instructor with the Academy and was a highly favored instructor for almost 25 years before moving onto the Vulcan Science Academy until this point in time.