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Kurt Darkly

Human Male

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USS Ronald Reagan




Kurt Darkly



Following the Sovereign incident early in his career Kurt Darkly never thought he would receive command of his own ship. In 2399 that changed when he was finally offered command of the newly commissioned USS Ronald Reagan.

Finally able to take command and run his own ship Kurt finds his confidence soaring until he learns that he will also be ferrying around an Admiral too.


Kurt rarely talks about life before he started at the academy, it is well known that his older sister Jessica Darkly went through the academy several years before him. Where as his sister excelled in engineering it soon became apparent that Kurt was a born pilot many of the things his peers struggled to learn he blasted his way through.

Out of the Academy Kurt found himself assigned to the Excelsior Class USS Iota as a helmsperson, he spent 7 glorious years aboard the Iota raising through the ranks and positions to finally become the ships Chief Helm Officer he would have stayed aboard the Iota for many more years had the ship not been ear marked for mothballing by Starfleet Command.

The entire crew found themselves assigned to much newer Intrepid Class USS Potemkin, the ship went on to take part in several skirmishes with the Klingon and Romulan empires before under taking a year long science mission to the Trilane Expanse where they were cataloguing the affects of subspace distortion on the expanse.

When they returned war had gripped the Federation like many other ships the Potemkin found themselves engaging Dominion vessels on both sides of the wormhole, one such battle put the Potemkin in to space dock for 6 months. Not wanting Starfleet to loose out on the ability of the officers aboard the Potemkin the ships Captain made the hard decision to put them all up for re-assignment. As luck would have it the position of Chief Helm Officer and 2nd Officer opened up aboard the USS Sovereign, Kurt found himself re-assigned there.

At some point in 2380 the Sovereign was damaged whilst on a routine science mission, the ship limped home to Spacedock 1 with many members of its senior staff dead. Upon their return the whole crew found themselves separated by Starfleet Intelligence and debriefed thoroughly about their actions and activities before and after the ship was damaged, no one knew much it was theorised at the time by some that the ship hit a subspace mine – by others it was suggested that in some way Kurt had caused the accident that befell the ship. No official answer was given as to the cause of the accident and all records related to the event were classified.

When she was once again space worthy in 2381 the new Commanding Officer of the Sovereign promoted Kurt to First Officer much to the surprise of the remaining crew,  no matter what went on it was obvious the Captain trusted Kurt. The only problem was that 4 Commanding Officers later Kurt still found himself serving as the Executive Officer aboard the Sovereign,

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2362 - 2365 Helm Officer USS Iota
2365 - 2369 Chief Helm Officer USS Iota
2369 - 2373 Chief Helm Officer USS Potemkin
2373 - 2381 Chief Helm Officer / 2nd Officer USS Sovereign
2381 - 2399 Executive Officer USS Sovereign
- Present Commanding Officer USS Ronald Reagan