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Profile Overview

Gavin Ross

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ross




Gavin J. Ross



Mr. Ross is currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Shanghai. Doctor Ross is passionate about his medical work. He often completes studies, including reports for Federation Medical Journals. His hobbies include a tall tumbler of bourbon on the rocks, courting young women, and fitness in the ship’s gymnasium.

Ross has already had to deal with injuries and finds he has little time to spend outside of sickbay. When he lets things down, he enjoys a good game of golf on the links in the Holodeck and driving old luxury vehicles from Earth’s past. Gavin is emotionally closed off until he lets you in for a split second. Shanghai is a fast-paced ship with lots happening. Keeping up with the never-ending temporal distortions as a threat is their main concern.