Tara Herculoid

Amazon Military Starfleet Academy Science Ship USS Torga-Ensign-Science Officer USS White Cloud-Promoted to Lieutenant JG-Science Officer USS Saginaw-Promoted to Lieutenant-Assistant Chief Science Officer Transfered to Starbase Gibralter as Chief Science Officer Transfered to USS Nimitz and promoted to the rank of Commander and position of Executive Officer Promoted to Captain and assigned to the USS Amandora where she currently serves


Tara was born and raised on her home planet of Amzock. She joined the Amazon military at the age of 13 which is the normal age for all Amazon’s to enter the military.

At eighteen she left home and applied to and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. Tara majored in science with a minor in communications, Tara speaks several languages fluently.

Tara is a Princess but with Starfleet’s decree on Royalty serving in Starfleet. Tara has signed documentation on file that clearly states her title is on hold until the time comes for her to go home to claim it. Tara does not mention she’s a Princess and wants no one else to as well.

Service Record

- Present
Starbase Gibralter
Chief Science Officer
- Present
Executive Officer
USS Nimitz