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Julian IX

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Julian Alexander William Calder



Julian IX (Julian Alexander William Calder; born 30 September 2357) is the current King of the Union of Alpha Zeconis.

Julian was born in Lochmere as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Faybeach, later King-Consort Vrabun and Queen Kathrynne X, and he was educated in the public school system. His mother acceded to the throne on following the death of her brother King Alexander VI in 2376, from which time he was the heir apparent . He began to undertake public duties during the Dominion War, serving in the Home Guard before transferring to the High Guard in 2375. In 2347, he married Princess Sunith, daughter of the Federation Ambassador to Alpha Zeconis.

Julian rose to become the King of the Union of Alpha Zeconis when his mother was assassinated in September 2382.


Early life

Born at 06:50 (LMT) on 30 September 2357 during the reign of his maternal grandmother, Queen Pei II. His mother, the Duchess of Faybeach (later Queen Kathrynne X), was the first born daughter and eldest child of his grandmother. His father, the Duke of Faybeach (later King Vrabun), was the oldest son of High Admiral Korjam Lutnex. He was baptized in the private chapel of Chastershire Palace on 5 January, and named Julian after his great-grandfather, Alexander after his maternal uncle, and William after his paternal uncle.

He has two younger brothers: Prince Goloss and Prince Christopher. He lived with his family at the Yarlmouth Castle in Welvenpool from his birth until the outbreak of the Dominion War where he served as a member of the Home Guard. When his mother started his His mother, Kathrynne, became Queen of the Union in 2376, after his uncle was murdered. He then received the title of Crown Prince of the Union and as heir apparent to the throne of the Union.

Military training and career

Between secondary school and his university education, Julian performed military service in the Home Guard from September 2375 until January 2377, upon which he transferred to the High Guard as Senior Lieutenant. He received his training at the Royal Naval College and the frigates UAZS Freedom and UAZS Abraham, where he was an ensign. In 2383 he received additional training at the ship UAZS Stephen and became a Junior Commander.


On 28 January 2388, Kathrynne announced her intention of abdicating due to her age. On the morning of 3 October, Kathrynne signed the instrument of abdication at the Royal Palace. Later that afternoon, Julian was inaugurated as king in front of the join assembly of the Union Council in a ceremony held at the Hall of Laws.

As king, Julian has weekly meetings with the prime minister and speaks regularly with ministers. He also signs all new Acts of the Counil and royal decrees. He represents the kingdom at home and abroad. At the State Opening of Parliament, he delivered the Speech from the Throne, which announces the plans of the government for the parliamentary year. The Constitution requires that the king appoint, dismiss and swear in all government ministers. As king, he is also the chairman of the Council of State, an advisory body that reviews proposed legislation.

Marriage and children

On 2 February 2347, he married Princess Sunith at the Royal Palace. Sunith is the daughter of the Federation Ambassador to Alpha Zeconis, thus under Alpha Zeconis law she is a commoner, the wedding was a simple affair since Alpha Zeconis law allowed member of the Royal Family to marry as long as the ruling head of house approved.

The couple have three daughters:

  • The Crown Princess Catharina T’sa Victoria (born 7 December 2378)
  • The Princess of Purple T’pol Laurentien of Alpha Zeconis (born 26 June 2380)
  • The Princess of Gold Ariane Missor Maxima T’lere of Alpha Zeconis (born 10 April 2382)