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Profile Overview


Catian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander S'Rott




Name S’Rott

Gender Male

Species Catian

Age 36

Birthplace Forma Prime

Physical Appearance

Height 6’9

Weight 150 lbs

Fur white 

Eyes dark Red

Physical Description

Lifespan of 105 – 115

Has a tail to support balance.

ability to jump higher than most other species

have more acute hearing and vision from the point of view of most others.

The Caitian heart is much more susceptible to damage then other parts of the body. Most Caitians suffer from heart failure around the age of sixty, requiring an artificial heart

Caitian bones are also comparatively brittle to other races in the galaxy.

Due to their lighter bone structure, Caitians suffer broken bones under less severe conditions then most others do.

tighter muscle structure when compared to most species with exception to Klingons and Cardassians. This allows for large bursts of strength from a standing or sitting position.

a Caitian could easily jump around 20 feet into the air and land cleanly without injury.

Also, Caitians can jump across rather large gaps without falling. 

The Caitian sense of balance is quite acute. The tail is a key part of keeping the weight distributed evenly, and remaining upright. 

difficulties swimming and tend to dislike large bodies of water.

willfully retune their sleeping schedules, but like an adult Human, they should maintain 6-8 hours of sleep.

trained not to react violently.

Caitians undergo a rite of passage at the age of 12 to forswear violence, and those capable of violence are rare and considered criminally insane; any sane violent Caitians are outcasts.

difficult relations with warlike species (et. Cardassian and Klingon).


Lover None

Children N/A

Mother H’Sauutt (Deceased)

Father M’Zew (Deceased)


Hrarr (Older brother)(Deceased)



Other Family

RADM Hjalmar ch’Rasda – Adopted father

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses



tireless worker

A fast learner


Discussion about his childhood and birth parents


To get the Wisdom crew home with or without him.

Hobbies & Interests




Create a Robotic life form.

Personal History

Child hood

Born on 5/2/2353 on a planet called Forma Prime just a light year out of Fedration space in the beta quadrant. There was too areas on that planet the rich lived in their floating palaces above the sky’s and the poor lived on the ground where it was covered with ash making it impossible to grow grips. And crashed ships for shelter

S’Rott was alone by the age of 8 but the rich called the poor the Savage animals they throw food down and laugh at them for entertainment and sometimes they’ll throw their worst criminals they end up being eaten within a week. His mother died giving birth to his new sister or brother but the child didn’t save this happened last year. His father died of starvation because he didn’t want to eat anymore people. And his brother Harrar tried to start a tribe he doesn’t know if he succeeded.

At his age of 10 surviving off scraps of food from crashed ships and watching other ships crashing down he would go to them but they were far far away. After surviving another month a new kind of warship crashed down on the planet wasn’t far where he was. He ran as fast has his little legs could he arrived after a hour had passed when he arrived it was a small warship surrounded by fire and a woman came crawling out.

He didn’t know what to make out what species he hadn’t seen this kind since he was 6 and chasing a criminal ike a savage and eating him. He grabbed the female and took her back to his hole it was a engine he crawled up and lived in its decks for years. He tried his best to heal the female. It took a 4 weeks for her to come around and to pass the time S’Rott salvaged her ship pulling everything apart even the hull to locate something that could prove useful. The only useful machine he could find was something that he called god’s miracle it could change the air into food he brought it his hole and used a deflector dish he had converted into a solar panel.

After 4 weeks the woman started moaning S’Rott stayed in the rafters where the next deck probably be. The woman looked up to him and smiled clutching her stomach. She shouted up to him. “Hello…I’m  Commodore Keva Wynter come down, I cannot fight in this condition.” He felt safe with her but he didn’t know why so he jumped down in front of her and helped her off the floor. S’Rott said to her. “I S’Rott I help with thing injuries I’ve only seen one of you with no big round things by chest.”

The commodore smiled. “I need to contact my Friends to say I’m safe.”

“You on Forma Prime in Death Valley I try to rebuild ships I fail I scavenge.” S’Rott replied

The commodore scratched her head “Where are your parents?” She asked

S’Rott motioned with his head “dead all. You wish for small battleship.”

Commodore replied with “my ship? Is that what your on about?”

S’Rott nodded and with that the Commodore stretched her hand out S’Rott sniffed at it trying to figure what she was doing. The commodore let out a giggle that made S’Rott more confused. “Grab it with your hand and take me to the ship.” Commodore said. And S’Rott did just that he grabbed it and lead out of the engine over the ashy hillside then to her ship which was a mile walk. Along the way they talked about human culture and what Death Valley was and her mission.

“Tell me about this place S’Rott.” The commodore asked

S’Rott walking along her side let go of her hand and looked like he was about to cry. “A waord runs the planet. I had a brother lost him mother died from giving birth and so did the baby. We had to eat her because we eat others to survive” And after that a single tear rolled down the left side of his face.

After seeing S’Rott almost bursting into tears the commodore said. “You can stop there.” S’Rott only nodded his head. A moment later S’Rott stopped in his tracks and kept looking around for something.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Commodore Keva Wynter.

S’Rott replied “death follows our tracks. Come we fast to warship.” And he ran off

Commodore Keva Wynter ran behind and raised an eyebrow confused as what he was going on about

S’Rott seem worried. “we there ” Then came to a holt where he stood in the mess of a ship in millions of pieces. 

Commodore Keva Wynter stopped and looked aro seeing other people in pieces skinnked “what happened to them?” She ask confused

“eat others. Way to survive”

Few hours later S’Rott sat on the flight control station while commodore Wynter pulled what was left apart from behind the console

“Plan?” S’Rott said swinging his legs on the console

She shrugged “is there anything that actually works?.”

S’Rott just gave a thumbs down sign since he didn’t know the word for no. Then something caught his eyesight “Flashy what, what” he said pointing at something on the command control console over the other side.

Commodore Keva Wynter confused stuck her head around the corner and pausing think it was a bomb she crawled her way other to.

S’Rott shouted at her “Boom” repeatedly but she didn’t care when she got there she tapped a few buttons and an unknown voice came through it echoing throughout the valley “This is the federation shuttle Daedalus does anyone read?””S’Rott 

S’Rott jumped down from his perch and walked over to her and said “speak” towering over her

Overwhelmed for joy she simply said “It’s my friends hang on I think I can resend a message” she tapped a few buttons. “This is Commodore Keva Wynter. Mayday mayday.”

Suddenly something huge shouted in the valley. “People of the valley this is your lord.” 

“Richie” S’Rott said

The announcement continued “A pink thing has entered our planet if you found the meatloaf then we have a reward for you. You know how to Signal us”.

The unknown voice chimed in “We have your location sir we’re on entering the planet.”

“Defend I must.” S’Rott said and he pulled out a long sword from the holster on his fury back

Commodore Keva Wynter said “I’m proud of you.”and a single tear rolled down her face.

And after that species of different kinds crawling from their holes took one look in S’Rott direction and ran to him some with weapons or none some fought each other. S’Rott stood his ground tho holding his sword. Keva stood up and took a look at the crowd forming and she knew that this will be her tomb in her ships rubble.

Now they approach and S’Rott ran to them screaming and swinging his sword through everyone that dared to oppose him. But the commodore let out a scream of horror. S’Rott quickly turned around to see that he was too careless to defend her. He jumped high in the sky and came swooping down swung his sword at their enemies when all defend they all stopped. The commodore crashed to the fall blood pouring from her face and stomach.

He came down to her level and took her into his arms. He turned around to the aggerrous they all stood looking up to the sky looking at this metal object. It flew down and nearly landed on top of them. And a ramp came down from the object another pink skin waved at him. S’Rott using all this little 10 year old strength to lift the woman up and carried her to the pink skin.

When he close enough the pink skin came running out picked the commodore up and took her into the big flying object and the pink skin ordered S’Rott to board the vessel which he did hoping to his friend service.

In the shuttle the commodore spoke and said.

“Commander ch’Rasda look after this.”she paused and conjured some blood up. “This child. He needs a loving home.” After that she closed her eyes and became an empty shell.

Commander ch’Rasda was at the helm of shuttlecraft and returned them to their post SB Titan Terminal, 3 light years away but he knew it was time to depart from his adopted mother and he did look after S’Rott teaching him to speak English and reading. S’Rott was finally happy in his life but staying true to his warrior traditions.

Teen hood

After being adopted by CMDR Hjalmar ch’Rasda now CPT the man was transferred to the Academy on Beta Ursae Minor II as acting commanding officer. This was best for both of them since their home wasn’t far from a school and the Academy.

During high school he was known for always fighting but he left school with flying colours.


After overcoming those years in school he choose to attend the academy on Beta Ursae Minor II since he didn’t want to be far from his beloved father. Who now was promoted to the rank of commodore and commanding administrator of Beta Ursae Minor II Academy.


Crystalline city of Nosi

Intelligence and security officer

His first Starfleet post working on a newly established conley working on intelligence and security work

Restricted access

Restricted mission access contact Starfleet intelligence command

Detached duty

USS Concord

NCC 23973

Ares class

Chief security and chief intelligence officer 

Having this being his first starship S’rott and only being detached from earth. He only thought it was going to be a week and then he’ll get recalled back to earth he was so wrong. 

Over the years, none of the crew liked S’rott but his only true friend was the happy couple of Katie and Marcus Kingston. And a few months passed they asked him to be the godfather of their twin sons. But he declined because he had no interest in playing the family game.

Later that day the ship’s Antimatter containment failed and had to be abandoned its still unknown why

Restricted access

Restricted mission access contact Starfleet intelligence command

USS Wisdom

NCC 1704 B

Miranda class

Chief intelligence and chief security officer 

The last Miranda class in Starfleet and the oldest after the discovery of the Icicon gateway it’s mission was to follow SB 900 orders but in a month it would be decommissioned after the death of the USS Concord it’s commanding officer CPT Michal Foxwell (known for his diplomacy) was reassigned to the Wisdom and wanted S’Rott as his chief security officer and intelligence and but S’Rott wasn’t a bridge officer he was a spy but Starfleet administration had him assigned.

The only missions they got where just scientific and diplomatic mission assisting the diplomatic officer with intel and maybe security which he lead 99% of the time since there wasn’t any major security issues.

USS Wisdom

 NCC 1704 B

Miranda class


SB 900 had been getting strange reading in a sector for a while and they sent the Wisdom out believing it was just a distress call. When they arrived they picked up a distress call in a nebula that federation commissions couldn’t get through they went into the nebula found a federation freighter delivering supplies to SB 900 under attack from a Borg cube. And the cube identified the Wisdom and fired. Wisdom didn’t have time to raise shields and the Captain helm and xo where killed.

S’Rott was in the bridge standing next to the helm when the Borg fired S’Rott ascended from the flames and reached out to the helm officer face down on the floor he pressed his fingers on the console buttons setting a course to go deeper into the nebula. After the heading was set and the ship inbound he shouted “RED ALERT” and tapped his combadge “ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS.”

Ensign Gilin Baazo (Bajoran Female) clawed her way to the tactical station looked over at S’Rott and said “We have been board by the Borg on decks 5 and 6.” S’Rott tapped his combadge “LT CMDR T’Pau (Vulcan Female) are you there?” After the second officer answered he said “Your now acting captain” he said looking at the dead captain and dead XO that laid before him

He grabbed a phaser from under the helm walked to turbo lift tapped his combadge “Security team Alpha and Marine team Alpha defend deck 5. Gamma team report to deck 6 and await for me.” in the lift he adjusted the phaser to heavy stun when the lift had arrived he aimed his weapon because he could hear something outside. When the door slide open it was LT JG Tholim ch’Evras holding a phaser rifle “Report” he said existing the turbo lift weapon still high and ready to fire.

He marched down the corridor the LT JG on his right side said “Borg have taken the engineering support labs and now are attempting to take main engineering the chief engineer LT Lodis (Ferengi Female) is holding the lines but the Borg are slaughtering us not assimilating.” S’Rott made a fist and held to up pointing to the ceiling and he and the LT JG stopped in their tracks.

They stood in an intersection and a light scream came from the right S’Rott. Lt JG ch’Evras and S’Rott jogged closer to the location they arrived at a checkpoint. “This is where the chief engineer is holding the line no bodies sir.” ch’Evras said and S’Rott replied “possible assimilation, to main engineering we go.” The check point had access to the doors that lead into main engineerig and S’Rott lead the way into main engineering with ch’Evras on his right and both weapons ready for combat.

When they entered main engineering is was beaming with green light and Borg drones everywhere trying to understand the ship. S’Rott looked at ch’Evras and said “try to understand what they want and where the check point staff are.” After he said that the Borg drones began to fire upon them “FALL BACK” shouted S’Rott

They both walked backwoods out of main engineering firing their weapons but ch’Evras was shot in his right shoulder and fell down on the floor outside main engineering. S’Rott shaw he had fell he knelt down and smiled “we’ve had worse.” ch’Evras pain was too much tho he could only smile S’Rott tapped ch’Evras combadge said “emergency transport to sick bay.” after ch’Evras was gone he grabbed his phaser rifle stood up kiand said “computer initiate security lockdown on deck 6 authorisation S’Rott gamma Charlie 5-7-1.”

After that the console on the wall began to power down and after a few minutes the lights went off one by one he said out loud “Lieutenant Colonel Nannut (Benzite Male) are you there.” After a minute someone replied this is Corporal Timul Edpled  (Betazoid male) Colonel Nannut is dead i’m acting Marine Commander.”

S’Rott replied nodding his head. “regroup and stand by for new orders.” After that he tapped his combadge. “Lieutenant commander T’Pau deck 5 has been secured but security team gamma is unknown Colonel Nannut is dead also.” Shortly after the call T’Pau replied “report to the bridge lieutenant there is something that must be done.” After that he turned back around and walked back the way he came along his walk back to the turbo lift he thought why he was recalled to the bridge he didn’t have a duty station he just had a office to conduct his intelligence and security duty.

He boarded the turbo lift is empty normally at this time in the day it would be rammed with people but nothing and it brought a tear S’Rott hadn’t seen for a while. When it arrived at deck 1 S’Rott stepped out and the only person on the bridge it was T’Pau kneeling down by the helm with a repair kit S’Rott didn’t pay enough attention in his basic engineering courses in the academy to know what she was up too. S’Rott approached the Xo’s chair and stood by he didn’t like dispersing people.

T’Pau stood up face S’Rott and said to him “the Bajoran has gone to assist the doctor with the week and command codes have been transferred to me. Your the ship’s new executive officer.” S’Rott smiled at her and just said “I will serve you faithfully until the death of this starship. But first we must retake deck 6. they aren’t attacking anyone on sight as normal.” T’Pau just replied. “strange Re plan your mission and execute it we need main engineering back online we don’t know if the warp core is damaged.”

S’Rott did what he was told to lead a security team down to the lower decks and reclaimed them. The Borg was not making any attempt to take over. He reported back and know he had to replace dead crew with his new commanding officer and he knew what he needed to do.

USS Wisdom

NCC 1704 B

Commanding officer

2389 – present

Report unknown.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2371 - 2372 Intelligence and security cadet Beta Ursae Minor II
2372 - 2375 Intelligence and security officer Nosi
2375 - 2380 Restricted access Restricted access
2380 - 2381 Chief security officer and chief intelligence officer USS Concord (Detached duty)
2381 - 2388 Restricted access Restricted access
2388 Chief intelligence officer and security advisor USS Traveler
2388 Chief security officer and chief intelligence officer. USS Wisdom
2388 XO USS Wisdom
2388 - Present Commanding officer USS Wisdom