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Profile Overview

Cai Zemin

Lagashi Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Zemin




Wears a black cape with a hood in towns and cities due to hatred to species looking like Borg.
Soft sounding voice.
Pregnant (11 months).
Loves to smile.
Very kid sometimes too kind.



Name Cai Zemin

Gender Female

Species lagashi

Age 33

Birthplace Lagashi Conley

Physical Appearance

Height 5’6

Weight 167.6 pounds

Hair black 

Eyes yellow 

Physical Description

minor genetic modifications

Cybernetics of face and left leg

enjoy a wider temperature tolerance

Tattoo on side of cheek 禄星

Tied up hair

Baby bump (11 months)


Lover Jin Zhenya (Engaged)

Children N/A

Mother Luo Zemin

Father Chen Zemin

Brother N/A


Sun Zemin

Kong Zemin

(Twins due to species)

Other Family

Personality & Traits

General overview

Wears a black cape with a hood in towns and cities due to hatred of species looking like Borg.

Soft sounding voice.

Pregnant (11 months).

Loves to smile.

Very kid sometimes too kind.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength wireless content (birth trait due to genetic modification)


EMP Pulse renders Cai unconscious


To reach the role in the administration of Starfleet then it may run for the presidency in the future. Then when had she served her term she would become an ambassador for the democratic empire she once run.

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies reading



Personal History

at the stage of infancy she got her cybernetic Implants and has she grew up they would evolve with her over the years.

Her mother was a cook and Cai loved her mother and her now Fiance. and the said story her father was a monkey in everyone’s eyes because he didn’t give the people what he proposed when he was the acting political leader before his children were born. The sisters wanting to be famous but at the age of 18, she decided to do what she classed as “fun” and left home joining Starfleet.

Starfleet Academy

It was hard at first trying to make friends after the battle of Wolf 359 left its mark but she made friends to much as her instructors often told her. During her 3rd year the battle of sector 001 she was put on detached duty like many others in her class.

USS Helldriver

This was her first role in space. When she bored she got a lot of looks due to the Borg-like tech on her face. She was told that her roles aboard the Helldriver were being an engineer and fighter pilot. When it detached from space dock she was running all over the place. Getting it ready for battle and holographic fighter programs.

When the Borg struck her and her platoon launched with the thousands of other pilot squads. Wasn’t the nicest job dodging and weaving through the most powerful enemies Starfleet has faced? But she became the last of her squad with another cadet from another class. And she rose to command but then the enterprise returned. After the battle of won, the commander of the USS Darklands recommend her for the elite of the elite, red squad 

Starfleet Academy – red squad

She was happy she was chosen to be the best. But everyone in her new class kept thinking she was Borg done for a week. It was hard work at first but she worked her best and everyone aspired to be her. And graduated top of her class. And offered to join the Marine Corps but she declined because she was signed up to be an engineer, not a soldier.

USS Curie

A ship of science Cai was offered time and time again to join the marine corps and be a fighter pilot but she been there done that and never would like to do it. But was never seen by its command team until it’s demising in 2379. Attending to a patrol mission

USS Kongo

A Defiant-class assigned to Deep space 5 where the station XO was the commanding officer. It occasionally received distress calls from freights every week where the CEO took command of the away mission and she would be left in control of the department. But was reassigned in 2384

USS Darklands

A Luna class starship Exploring the gamma quadrant. Piloting the ship her first department head role in Starfleet. The captain of the Darklands Captain Stelok a Vulcan Male who wanted her as the acting second officer until a replacement could be made.

USS Darklands

In the year of 2388, Starfleet had her advising the engineering department suggesting new fix’s to new problems. Sitting alongside the captain and advising ideas for him. But she considered it an easy promotion. Since it mostly sitting in space dock. Here she returned home since she only saw her family over the coms and where she announced she was pregnant with the dishwasher kid and engaged to. They were happier than ever jumping up and down like there was a rat on the floor.


Report unknown.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 - 2371 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2372 - 2373 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2373 engineering officer and fighter pilot USS Helldriver (Detached duty)
2373 - 2374 Cadet Starfleet Academy - Red squad
2374 - 2375 Cadet Starfleet Academy - Red squad.
2375 - 2379 Engineering officer. USS Curie
2379 - 2384 Assistant engineering officer USS Kongo
2384 - 2398 Chief flight control and acting second officer USS Darklands
2398 - 2399 Engineering advisor USS Darklands
2399 - Present Your ship/Starbase Second Officer and Chief Engineering Officer