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James Racktor

Human Male

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James Racktor



Currently commanding Starbase Aurora, Colonel James Racktor is a man who believes in honour, courage, duty and discipline. He will always do what is right, even if that conflicts with orders. He is a devoted officer, and an even more devoted father and husband.


James born to Matthew and Maria Racktor. Matthew, a Marine CO, dotes on his son as much as possible, but is absent due to his duties, so he is raised primarily by his mother.

Miranda Racktor, James’ sister, Born. James takes the role of big brother very seriously

Jeff Racktor, James’ brother is born.

James gets into a fight, and breaks the other kid’s nose. He is expelled from School, and is sent to boarding school. He blames his father for not being there. He refuses to speak to his father again.

James enrols in Marine Boot Camp. In his first year, he meets Lucy Wilkinson, a Chef at a local restaurant, and the two of them begin a relationship.

Lucy and James get married at a private ceremony. Matthew is invited at Lucy’s insistence, but rejects the invitation. The rest of his family do go to the wedding.

Jackson Racktor is born. James dotes on his son whilst also pushing himself at boot camp.

Aged 22, James is assigned to Starbase 19, under General William Anderson, in the squad known as The Roughnecks. He continues training, pushing himself to improve his skills

Emily Racktor, James’ daughter, born. James takes a six month leave of absence to help raise her. At the end of his leave, he returns to duty.

General Anderson’s unit engages a pirate group trying to raid a number of historical sites for artifacts they can sell. They are tracked to an uninhabited planet, so Anderson’s Roughnecks are sent in. During the battle, James is attacked by a beast, which leaves a scar on his face. Despite his wound, he keeps fighting, and at the end of the battle, he is promoted to 1st Lieutenant. He keeps the scar as a sign of honor.

James promoted to Captain in Anderson’s Roughnecks, and is given command of his own sub unit, which comprised the best marksmen in the Roughnecks.

Martin Racktor born. Again, James takes a six month leave of absence.

In the Roughnecks first battle of the Dominion War, General Anderson is killed by the Jem Hadar. In the heat of the battle, Major Greenback is also killed, so James takes command of the Roughnecks. Although they lose about 50% of their numbers, the Roughnecks are successful against a Jem Hadar force that almost doubled theirs. When they return to their base, James is given a battlefield promotion to Major, and is given command of the Roughnecks, now known as ‘Racktor’s Roughnecks’

The Roughnecks are assigned under General Matthew Racktor’s command. James leads his men into battle, and is able to destroy a Jem Hadar cloning facility. His father finally tells him he’s proud of him, something James has wanted to hear for years. James and Matthew finally reconcile, and James introduces Matthew to his grandchildren.

Roughnecks engaged in battle with the Jem Hadar as the Dominion War ends. As the Jem Hadar find out, the Jem Hadar Alpha’s decide to keep fighting. The Gamma’s alert James to this, out of a sense of honor, and the Gamma’s fight alongside the Roughnecks. They win, and the Gamma’s are invited to join the Roughnecks. Whilst grateful, the Gamma’s decline, but leave in peace. James’ son Jackson enlists in boot camp.

Roughnecks assigned to take out a pirate facility, which is gathering a large force. Roughnecks succeed, although James is wounded. He is given the Purple Heart.

Jackson Racktor completes boot camp. James tells his son how proud he is.

Amelia Racktor born. James takes a six month leave of absence as he did with his other children. Martin Racktor enlists in the Marine Corps.

Oliver Racktor Born

Martin Racktor graduates from Boot Camp. James is there for the graduation and is allowed to give the guest speech at the ceremony.

Roughnecks sent to take out an Orion Syndicate cell. The cell had been building up a small force of ships to attack Civilian and Starfleet Convoy’s. The Roughnecks are able to destroy the shipyard, finding remnants of Dominion Technology.

Mariah Racktor born. James takes six months LOA again.

James assigned to Starbase Aurora as Commanding Office. Lucy joins him, along with Amelia, Oliver and Mariah.