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Mike Saxton

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Ensign




Mike Saxton is a tall Human and muscular for a man his age. His hair short and well groomed, Wide shoulders and a smaller waist make him look even taller. Mike has striking soft Grey eyes which most will observe first. His face a darker shade due to years in the field, and his Native American heritage. A long thin hawk like nose. Saxton has a very confident gait and possesses excellent formal posture.


Mike Saxton was born on July 19th 2360 at the Marine Air Station Hospital located just outside Dallas Texas. The First child of Raymond and Rebekah Saxton. His Mother was full blooded Mescalero Indian and had met and married Raymond quickly after meeting him. Raymond was a Marine Platoon Sergeant assigned to security at the station. As a child Mike remembers very little until his schooling began. He was a fast and astute learner and some say a little Con-Man. He loved Texas and while his father was deployed Mike spent most of his time on the reservation with his Mother and older Brothers. His Mothers family was a large one and Mike learned at a very early age he and his brothers were not considered true “Mescalero Blood”. This prejudice soon past as he learned tribal customs and assimilated to the Apache micro culture. As the years passed his Fathers time away increased and he or his brothers barely knew the Man.

In School Mike continued to excel. He was very large for his age and became very active in sports. His teachers and classmates respected his Academic and sportsmanship. He entered the University of Texas El Paso school of Engineering program in 2380 And completed an undergraduate degree in structural repair and design in 2384. The rigors of fast and complex training prepared him to take his Starfleet Academy entrance exam. On August First 2384 Saxton arrived at the Academy in San Francisco twenty days after his 24th birthday.

His First year at the academy passed quickly. Mike did very well in the packed curriculum and was a class leader. His previous work in the field allowed him to take several advanced courses in the Engineering program. The major curriculum was focused on the old plans of the Deep Space Nine refit project. He excelled in the program and by his third year had taken and passed his Air frame and Propulsion testing with high scores. Saxton Graduated in the class of 2388. That day he received his commission in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a Ensign.With his recent experience in old refit stations he wasn’t surprised of his first assignment to Deep Space Twelve.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 Engineer DS-12