Profile Overview

Felicity Fischer

Human (Centaurian) Female

Character Information


Emileen Felicity Fischer was a Human Starfleet officer in the late 24th Century.


Early Life

Emileen Felicity Fischer was born on the colony world of Centaurus to Douglas and Louise Fischer, second-generation Federation diplomats. Emileen’s formative years crisscrossed the galaxy following her parents, leaving her lonely, having little time to put down roots in one place. However, the experience did expose her to half-a-dozen different cultures and the helter-skelter of administering a political entity like the Federation. Emileen for her part, was bored of diplomatic parties, expected social conventions, and her life of relative ease.

As a teenager, she bristled against her parents’ expectations of following the family’s established path into politics. She also had an infatuation with a friend of the family – Bob, a former marine military attaché, who planted the seed of serving the Federation in a much more practical way. Plus, it seemed like an adventure. Her parents were horrified by idea of their daughter embarking on military service; defending the Federation at the sharp end just wasn’t something a Fischer did. They gave her an ultimatum, and Emileen responded by leaving home and moving in with Bob.

Starfleet History

Eager to establish her own sense of self, she started to go by her middle name, Felicity. Again, inspired by Bob, she enlisted in the marines and was selected as a starfighter controller as her voice was thought to be calm and clear – ideal for stressful situations. Following basic training, Private Fischer was assigned to the Rho Nami Flight Range. She was encouraged to apply for a coveted slot for a member of the fleet to attend Starfleet Academy, but she was not selected. Instead, she was posted to a marine task force operating along the Neutral Zone. After a time, she reapplied to the commissioning pipeline, intending to resign if she was not selected, and was among a cadre of 30 personnel chosen.

Felicity attended the Beta Aquilla annex, one of only three fleet candidates to do so, her prior fleet experience marked her out for ‘special’ treatment, but she accepted this and remained focused. Her previous fleet experience with starfighters led her to pursue a pilot track. Near the end of her time at the academy, an illness affected her optic nerve which nearly cost her career before it started. Her sight was saved but damage meant that she could not become a pilot, but was she was streamed as a TSO, coordinating weapons deployment.

Following flight training she reported for duty with 247th Heavy Fighter Squadron.

She was married for 13 months, during which time she went by Carlisle. After separating from her husband, she returned to using the last name of Fischer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Range Controller Rho Nami Flight Range
Starfighter Controller Marine Task Force
Cadet Starfleet Academy - Beta Aquilla Annex
Cadet Starfleet Academy - Beta Aquilla Annex
Cadet Starfleet Academy - Beta Aquilla Annex
Cadet Starfleet Academy - Beta Aquilla Annex
Student 1784 Heavy Conversion Unit
Tactical Systems Operator 247th Heavy Fighter Squadron