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Larry Greene

Human (Denevan) Male

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Lieutenant Greene


Laurence ‘Larry’ Greene, was a Human Starfleet officer in the mid-23rd century.


Early Life

Laurence, known to his friends and family as Larry, was born on the Federation colony of Deneva in 2244. His father was a mining engineer in the nearby asteroid belt; his mother worked as a researcher under Dr. G. S. Kirk. With his parents away for most of the time, Greene was without a role model so attached himself to groups of older boys to provide the guidance he was missing. Since he did not get the appropriate level of adult supervision, he struggled academically and got into progressively more trouble as well as gaining a reputation for fighting. However, he stopped short of committing major criminal offences, often recognising the right time to be elsewhere.

At the age of 16, Greene dropped out of formal education and struck out on his own, desperate to be his own man. He earned a meagre living as a stevedore on a succession of second tier civilian freighters, where he further improved his hand-to-hand combat skills and picked up basic engineering skills. For two years he travelled far and wide visiting some of the most beautiful places in the quadrant; and some of the ugliest. Eventually, he signed on with a freighter and had a concern about the shady dealings that this crew were getting into. In a rare moment of clarity, he went ashore at the freighter’s next port of call and did not return. Wandering the streets, pondering his next move he saw a brightly coloured advert for enlistment in Starfleet, and thought it would be safer than where he had just been.

Starfleet History

Greene soon found himself at the Academy undergoing security training. His poor record of academic achievement precluded a more challenging speciality track. At the Academy, Greene found a more constructive way to focus his aggression and the disciplined environment that he had been missing and so blossomed. The academics proved to be a challenge for him, but he relished the physical aspects of his course.  At the academy, his instructors noted his above average proficiency with weapons and exceptional abilities in unarmed combat. He was later cited for tactical excellence and initiative during training exercise. He also learned to swim having never been taught how to do so as a child.

Upon graduation, he was assigned Security Officer, Starbase 10. While at Starbase 10, he served with future Pareseis Square’s Hall of Famer Joe Rutan. In 2267, Greene was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) early due to acute personnel shortages. In 2268, restless, he applied for starship duties and transferred to the starship Yorktown under Captain Reginald Bowman then Captain Paul Moraine, assuming the post of Security Officer.

Greene was among the security officers assigned to guard the Vulcan Opera Singers participating in the memorial service for victims of the terrorist attack on Centaurus. Greene was later assaulted by the ship’s doctor who had mind-melded with one of the Vulcan performers, but had been unable to cope with the physical and emotional demands of having two ‘katras’ inside of him.

At some point while serving on the Yorktown, Greene was assaulted by Orion prisoners during a brig escape and lightly wounded.

The Grass Isn’t always Greene-r on the Other Side

Later the Yorktown was assigned to observe a warp engine test aboard the starship Endurance, where Greene was temporarily detached to the Endurance to assist with security surrounding the tests. The engine modifications aboard Endurance unexpectedly malfunctioned sending Greene into the infamous ‘Mirror’ universe.  Deducing that he had swapped places with his counterpart in this reality, Greene was forced to confront the brutal realities of that timeline.

Greene’s arrival coincided just as similar technical experiments where being conducted and his counterpart was assigned to the job of securing this technology here too.  He realised that had to get creative if he wanted to survive. To that end, Greene used his position to build trust with the chief of security, Michael Striker, aboard the mirror Endurance, saving him from a subordinate’s assassination attempt.  Eventually, Greene persuaded Striker to lead a mutiny against the commanding officer of the mirror Endurance by preying on the man’s bitterness over his stalled career. To complicate matters, the captain of the mirror Endurance sought revenge on the captain of the the mirror Yorktown leading to brutal combat between the two crews.

In the ensuing chaos, Greene was able to modify the transporter and escape.  Upon his return to the prime universe, in recognition of his actions, Greene was promoted to full Lieutenant and re-assigned as Assistant Chief of Security, but was sworn to secrecy about the Mirror Universe.  Little is known about Greene’s mirror counterpart, or his actions in the prime universe, except that he was described by Captain Moraine  as “a brute”.

A Modern-day Fairytale

On another occasion, Greene was among the members of the Yorktown crew assigned to investigate the cultural contamination of the pre-warp planet of Mercia.  The Mercian’s were noted as being able to retain and process information at an accelerated rate.  The Federation scientist assigned to the study desired to use this information to manipulate the Mercians for his own purposes forcing Captain Moraine to intervene and restore the natural order of development on that planet.  The contamination was resolved, but not before Greene and his fellow officers found themselves enshrined in Mercian cultural history as “Knight Protectors”.

In 2269, feeling the strain of deep space exploration, Greene transferred off the Yorktown to Starbase 11 to assume shore duties.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2262 - 2266 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Sophomore Cadet
2266 - 2267 Security Officer Starbase 10
2267 - 2268 Security Officer Starbase 10
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2268 - 2269 Security Officer USS Yorktown
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2269 Assistant Chief of Security USS Yorktown