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Profile Overview


Betazoid, Klingon Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Cousland




Assigned to USS.Hiryu as XO rank Lt.Commander


Born on USS. Mitchell, 6lb,2 ounces. To Doctor Cousland the Chief Medical Officer. The oldest son of Commanding Officer, Commander Michael Cousland. At the age of three, Michael was hurt during a ship battle that threw him from his mother’s arms. Causing loss of sight in his left eye. At the Age of six, he began to train in boxing and mix martial arts, Winning three titles in his weight class at the age of 10.

When he was 12 Michael was sent to Grissom School of Computer to finish out his schooling. Graduated in the top 5 of his class. Remembers his father’s words during that day” I’m proud of you”. When turning 17 he joined the Academy began his training to become a Commanding Officer like his father.

Michael found it hard to walk in his father’s footsteps he began to take security classes. His father wasn’t pleased. His father never showed up to his graduation. After graduation his father past in a ship explosion during the raid of DS3. Michael became very distant went into a deep depression.

Assigned to USS. Empires, Security Officer rank Lt(JG). Promoted to Full Lt after the battle of Planet 347 awarded Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart for his actions on the Empire. Michael wounds where server he blames command for not retreating when they were overran. Assigned to USS. Norris, Chief Of Security rank Lt.

Promoted to Executive Officer, Assigned to USS. Saber, Lt.Commander. Michael slowly begins to come out of his depression, A year later he returned to the academy to finish his Command school with the guidance of Anastasia to keep him strong.

After completing Command Academy he was given command of USS. Sith kept the rank of Lt.Commander, During his first command he tried to be by the book but he knew that would be hard at times. Sith enters a battle against a Klingon rogue ship where Michael didn’t back off nearly losing his ship his life. Earning a promotion to Commander, Earning his second Purple Heart.

Michael was removed from the Command of USS.Sith due to his outburst with Admiral Harris demoted to Lt.Commander, Assigned to USS.Hiryu.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Security Officer USS.Empires
Chief Of Security USS.Norris
Executive Officer USS.Saber
Commanding Officer USS.Sith
Executive Officer USS.Hiryu