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Profile Overview

Tolak tr'Servek

Romulan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Admiral Tolak


Commander, RRW Devoras



28 May 2236


Admiral Tolak tr’Servek is a famous military and political leader in the Romulan Star Empire. He quickly rose to fame during his tenure as commander of the Warbird Luk during the Dominion War. During the War, Tolak was also given the assignment of commanding an entire wing of warbirds into battle proving his abilities further as a leader. In the end, Tolak served in all but two of the major Romulan campaigns of the War. A few years after the War, Tolak was further promoted to Commander of the Third Imperial Fleet — a position that every military officer strives to secure sometime throughout their career. This position has allowed Tolak to also become a true political force in the Star Empire as well.


Admiral Tolak tr’Servek is a famous military and political leader in the Romulan Star Empire. He quickly rose to fame during his tenure as commander of the Warbird Luk during the Dominion War. During the War, Tolak was also given the assignment of commanding an entire wing of warbirds into battle proving his abilities further as a leader. In the end, Tolak served in all but two of the major Romulan campaigns of the War. A few years after the War, Tolak was further promoted to Commander of the Third Imperial Fleet — a position that every military officer strives to secure sometime throughout their career. This position has allowed Tolak to also become a true political force in the Star Empire as well.

In his time as a warbird commander on the frontier of Romulan space, Tolak has had extensive interactions with both the Federation and Klingons. Along with his advanced strategic mind, this has made him one of the most cherished treasures for the Romulan military. He views the Klingon Empire like a plague on the Romulan Empire to be eradicated, but Tolak has a much more sympathetic ear towards the Federation and believes there is room for a friendlier relationship. However, he does not let this cloud his judgment, and would just as easily be willing to be at odds with the Federation if it better served Romulan interests. Tolak is a true Romulan patriot, a seasoned commander, and a decorated combat officer

Early Life

Tolak tr’Servek was born in 2236 to a poor family on ch’Rihan and soon separated from his true family. His parents had been under investigation by the Tal’Shiar for months for suspected smuggling of technology related to plasma torpedo development to the Orion Syndicate. Although the Tal’Shiar was lacking concrete proof, the Chairman was more than willing to ‘dispose’ of the couple in short order.

He was later adopted by friends of his extended Clan: Commander Vorak tr’Servek and Lliar t’Servek immediately took Tolak into their family as if he were their own. Mentored by an older brother, Terrik tr’Servek, Tolak lived a privileged childhood under the tutelage of a Galae Commander. Tolak grew very close to Terrik, even aware that they were not brothers by blood. Nonetheless, the two were inseparable and were as close as any brothers related by blood.

With the extreme protest of his mother and father, at age eighteen, Tolak left ch’Rihan looking for a sense of adventure he had always heard of from his father growing up. He signed up for duty on a civilian cargo freighter, the Mekarah, spending three years onboard; shortly thereafter he spent another year on a distant trading outpost on the outer edge of the Pilarka Nebula. Tolak was welcomed back to ch’Rihan by his parents feeling a new sense of accomplishment even if he was disappointed with the results. Tolak spent almost a year at home trying to decide what to do with his life. In the meanwhile, his father helped him secure a job as a clerical worker at the Tal Diann’s headquarters on ch’Rihan. Finally tired of a meaningless officer job, Tolak had decided to take after his father and follow in his footsteps. With the sponsorship of his father, Tolak entered into the Imperial War Academy. Tolak began his academic career in 2258 and then later graduated in 2261 with a specialty in navigational control and warbird tactics.

The Enterprise Incident

Tolak’s initial assignment was to the Vas Hatham-class Narrocian as the ship’s pilot. The Narrocian was an experimental bird of prey which was the Romulan’s first valid attempt into firing a warship while under the guise of a cloaking device; something the Klingon’s would attempt nearly thirty years later. Although the experiment didn’t prove substantially feasible, the Narrocian was able to enter skirmishes with several Klingon battlecruisers easily disabling them. While the cloaking device didn’t have enough power to sustain cloak while operating the ship’s weapon systems it was a vast improvement in anti-detection technology from the previous model. These credentials as the pilot of the Narrocian allowed Tolak to choose a different assignment when the ship returned from deep space three years later.

His choice in assignment was largely due in fact to who he wanted to serve under. At first, the decision was a difficult one with so many seasoned commanders. Tolak eventually chose Commander Liviana Charvanek and her battle group led by her flagship, the Memenda. The Memenda’s battle group was assigned to patrol within the Romulan side of the Federation Neutral Zone. It was during Tolak’s tenure as the ship’s pilot that he was on board the Memenda during what has become known as “The Enterprise Incident”. As the USS Enterprise violates the Neutral Zone and crosses into Romulan space, the Memenda’s battle group quickly intercepted the Federation vessel and demanded the surrender of the captain and first officer. The result of the altercation was apparently a ruse by the captain of the Enterprise to get a hold of a Romulan cloaking device. Succeeding in that goal, the Enterprise was also able to take Commander Liviana hostage as well despite the best efforts of Sub Commander Tal to pursue the Enterprise. Eventually, the Enterprise was able to install the cloaking device and activate it, escaping from the grasps of Sub Commander Tal.

The Memenda was immediately recalled to ch’Rihan to answer for its actions, the loss of one of their key technologies to the Federation, and the capture of Commander Liviana. As interim commander of the battle group and acting commander of the Memenda, Sub Commander Tal was responsible for the results of the incident. For his negligence in command Tal was executed along with three other officers. Tolak’s life was spared when the ship’s record showed that Sub Commander Tal had received a recommendation of tactics from the young Lieutenant which Tal chose not to pursue. Galae Command considered the recommendation to have been a course of action that would’ve resulted in the destruction of the Enterprise without losing either the cloaking device or Commander Liviana.

Fall From Grace

While Galae Command commended Tolak for his suggestion during the Enterprise Incident, Tolak was much harder on himself. He saw it as an unforgivable failure on his record. Having served his mandatory military service Tolak decided to resign his commission and return to civilian life. In his eyes, Tolak returned home to his father in shame and disgrace. With support from both his parents, Tolak decided to indulge one of his hobbies and obtained a position at the Imperial War Academy as a teacher of Romulan war. Although he stayed at the academy for nearly a decade he spent much of his free time in combat simulations and yearning for a return to space.
Finding it difficult to find a commander who would be willing to take Tolak as an officer he finally enlisted the help of his father. He was finally able to reactivate his commission with the Galae and found himself on board the Aye Mosaram-class Solus. For the first two years Tolak found himself doing the most menial jobs onboard the ship; typically consisting of cleaning, waste management and assisting in engineering with minor jobs. With a stroke of coincidence, the Solus found itself in heavy combat with a Klingon battle cruiser when the ship’s weapons officer was injured. Tolak was nearby cleaning a plasma conduit when he was able to make his way to the bridge. Without order, Tolak manned the weapons console immediately and unleashed the full force of the Solus’ potential on the Klingon battlecruiser. With some well-aimed hits, the Solus was victorious.

It was also enough to get Tolak noticed by his commander who made him the duty weapons officer on the bridge.

The Growing Tactician

The complacency of Tolak’s decades-long assignment on the Solus came to an end in 2324 with the retirement of the ship’s commander. This forced the crew to find new assignments as the future of the Solus was largely undecided. For the first time in a long time Tolak, one of the longest-serving officers on the Solus had to find a new vessel to serve on. Much to his own surprise, he had been requested to join the crew of the Ventarix-class Actium as weapons officer. The Actium was assigned to the Klingon border in a time of heavy turmoil between the Empire’s. Because of this, the Actium saw extensive combat where Tolak was heavily decorated for his various campaign tactics to ensure Romulan victories. Although a full-scale invasion by the Klingon Empire was expected, it was eventually thwarted by continued successful skirmishes by the Actium and other warbirds assigned to the border.

Tolak’s tactical genius wasn’t going unnoticed at Galae Command, either, who insisted that he be promoted to second officer follow the untimely death of the Actium’s former second officer in a failed coup attempt. Several years passed while minor skirmishes took place during a period of cold war. In order to get the Klingon Empire to finally back down, Tolak helped devise a plan to sneak attack the Klingon colony at Narendra III by order of Praetor Dralath. While Tolak personally opposed the idea of attacking Klingon civilians so directly he continued to devise a successful plan. Three warbirds were dispatched in 2344 to carry out the plan while the Actium and an entire Romulan battle group waited patiently on the Romulan side of the border.

The campaign was successful and the entire colony was decimated and the USS Enterprise was destroyed as well. Although the unforeseen involvement of the Enterprise actually led to a strengthening of ties between the Klingon Empire and Federation, the Klingon Empire was forced to back down its cold war style hostilities with the Romulan Empire. Tolak, along with his colleagues who contrived the plan, were highly decorated for their success and even earned Tolak a promotion to Sub Commander. Although shortly thereafter

Praetor Dralath found himself the victim of a coup d’état, was disposed of, and replaced by then-Admiral, later-Praetor Narviat.

Bastion on the Frontier

A few years later, Tolak was recalled to ch’Rihan where he received new orders to report to ch’Haven Six, the Empire’s newest ch’Haven-class starbases where he would be in charge of sector strategic operations and tactical superiority. Although the sector was in direct relation with the Federation, the Romulans were in self-imposed isolation when it came to interactions with the Federation. The biggest opposition Tolak faced tactically was uniquely the Orion Syndicate and other privateering groups who were involved in pirating. With no major warbirds at his disposal and resources outside of the starbase limited, Tolak made use of what he did have. Able to make use of the station’s shuttle and fighter complement to begin standard patrols of the neighboring systems, the piracy of the sector quickly came under control. Trade with the Romulan Empire in the sector had become a serious and respectable trade.

After twelve years keeping the shipping lanes of ch’Haven Six clear Tolak had earned himself a command in the eyes of the Galae Command.

First Command

Taking command of the D’deridex-class warbird Luk, Tolak directed his first command as a mirror image of what he had adored in his early career under Commander Liviana. Although things in the early years of his first command were mainly geared towards exploration and internal expansion, Tolak was aware that the self-imposed isolation of the Romulan Empire towards the Federation was coming to an end. With the destruction of several Romulan outposts along the Neutral Zone, the Luk along with forty-seven other warbirds was sent to the border with the Federation to investigate the situation. The resulting contact with the Federation showed that the Romulan Empire would no longer sit idly by and let the Federation expand without challenge.

In return, the Luk was one of many ships that were assigned with the exponential outward expansion of the Romulan Empire and the annexation of dozens of star systems. Upon fortifying the systems the Star Empire had become much stronger than ever before it’s isolation. After the discovery of the Borg threat, the Romulan Senate deemed that they would be an increasingly difficult problem for the Federation to handle. There were many who thought that the Borg would eventually come after the Romulans, but they were more interested in seeing a mortal enemy fall first. The Borg, if they did attack, would be a problem for down the road.
Finally, the Romulan Empire was drawn into an open war for the first time in over fifty years against the Dominion. With imminent attack against the Empire around every corner, the Federation and Klingon Empire were able to draw the Romulans in on their side, allowing for the Luk to take its place. This was the golden opportunity that Tolak had dreamed of since beginning his career. Without hesitation, Tolak was given a role as leader of a wing of warbirds and given strategic authority over much of the Romulan campaign. He led the initial attack against the Cardassian border which resulted in heavy losses by the Cardassians. Joining in on the attack against the actual Dominion forces the Luk was able to successfully engage the Dominion many times. Although the war wasn’t going as planned the Allied forces were able to hold their ground.

Finally, in 2375 the final push towards Cardassia Prime was made, and the Luk was part of the Romulan forces poised to engage the final Dominion stand. With Tolak assisting General Velal and several other Romulan leaders in planning the Romulan stage of the final attack the Allied forces were able to successfully force a full Dominion surrender. This was, unfortunately, a little too late for the Luk itself, though. The ship was able to barely crawl back to Romulan space where it was immediately put into dry dock to prepare for extensive repairs.

The Coup D’état

Tolak had received command of the D’deridex-class IRV Devoras in 2376 following the conflict with the Dominion along with a promotion to the ranks of the Galae admiralty. As an Admiral, Tolak was put in command of an entire squadron. That is where his assistance was required when the promises of Shinzon of Remus for Romulan conquest of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were made. Initially, Tolak dedicated his political weight and the power of his squadron to the overthrow of the Romulan Senate. Although he wasn’t aware that the entirety of the Senate would be assassinated he saw little point in arguing against the method after it had been completed. Once Shinzon was in power as Praetor, Tolak was one of the first warbird commanders to argue that little was being done to improve the Romulan resolve.

When Commander’s Donatra and Suran dispatched their warbirds to intercept the Scimitar, Tolak assembled his squadron, joined by two others, who were intent on following in Donatra and Suran’s footsteps to assist in the fight against the Scimitar.

Although arriving after the battle, the assemblage of warbirds was able to assist the remaining ships in returning to space dock.

The Tholian Conflict

When the Tholian Assembly seized control of an outlying border fleet yards the young Senate saw no course of action but equal reciprocation. This led to an attack against the Tholian Assembly during the Tholian Conflict of 2380 which was led by Tolak because of his extensive strategic experience and prowess. In order to be installed as proper commander of the attacking forces, Tolak was given a promotion to Commander of the Third Imperial Fleet, one of the highest positions any Gaalae officer could hope to achieve in their career, in order to better facilitate his direct command over the Romulan forces. With the ability to coerce vital information out of a Yiridian information dealer, the three-pronged attack pressed forward and the fleet yards were resecured for the Empire.

Following the engagement, a political battle ensued within the Senate dragging in the Galae Command and Tal’Shiar. While the Tal’Shiar were more akin to observers, the Senate was viciously torn on whether to proceed into Tholian space and conquer their people. Tolak quickly fell out of favor with many Senators when he postulated that the Romulan Empire could not sustain a massive invasion and annexation of that size. Such questioning of Romulan expansion would have been considered treasonous but with the recent political shake-up and fallout of the Shinzon Incident, the Romulan Empire’s ability to hold onto such a massive territory was now a reality. While he had fallen out of favor with quite a few Senators, Tolak was able to convince enough of them that an all-out invasion of the Tholian Assembly wasn’t possible. Instead, he led the attack and captured several resource-rich Tholian systems and secured them for the Romulan Empire; a securing of spoils of war in the end.

Second Fall from Grace

With the close of the conflict of the Tholians, the Devoras has suffered some battle damage and was long overdue for a refit. Forced back into dry dock, Tolak immediately shifted his command to the IRV Torrell with the entirety of his crew joining General Sekar rh’Aeren. Their mission was to collect intelligence on Federation movements and completed nearly in time to return back to the Devoras.

Nonetheless, the Galae Command finally recalled Tolak and his first officer to ch’Rihan to answer for their stance of non-expansionism during the Tholian Conflict. Although they were cleared of any wrongdoing it was enough to keep the two of them tied up and away from the Devoras for many months. His first officer was reassigned and Tolak was to return to the Devoras alone and so he did. Upon returning to the Devoras, Tolak spent nearly a year selecting a new crew. Once he was certain of his choices the Devoras left dock again heading back towards the Klingon border. The Senate had feared an attack from the Klingons to take advantage of the shaky foundation within the Romulan Empire was imminent. With the flag of the Devoras along the border, though, the Klingons halted many of their minor advances towards Romulan space.

Leading Expansionism

With the recovering Romulan government and the Galae in one of it’s most powerful states in Romulan history, Tolak advocated that the time had finally come for Romulan expansionism again. Leading the charge with several other Admirals the Galae authorized the deployment of more warbirds on the frontier of Romulan space than ever before. The Devoras helped lead the charge in reclaiming many former Romulan systems along the Neutral Zone that had been abandoned during the period of isolation. The thought that was with such re-expansion along the border with the Federation would keep them at bay, although Federation aid was still being allowed to Romulan outlying worlds. Tolak was responsible for overseeing this aid to at least fifteen different systems and the Senate wasn’t willing to turn away free aid of any kind.

Suddenly in 2385, the Devoras was again recalled and a majority of its crew displaced to other assignments throughout the Empire. Although Tolak was a fleet commander there was little he could do to prevent the transfers, and he certainly had become distrustful of many at Galae Command. He was certain that they were trying to make his ability to properly command much harder. Tolak was able to call in many of the second choice candidates he had from years prior to restaff the Devoras, He would again be rejoined by an old acquaintance in General Sekar; although the two were largely unclear why Sekar was brought out of his retirement-prone assignment to join Tolak. Tolak planned to prove to the Galae Command that he was one of the most valuable assets they had at their disposal as both a warbird commander and the Third Imperial Fleet Commander.