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Profile Overview

Yolen'da Surridge

Caitian Female

Character Information


SFMC Sao Paulo OTS - 6th Marines, 2nd Regiment


Yolen'da Grenn-Surridge



My mainline character in Bravo Fleet now, a modern version of the same character I am using in TF99’s Dominion war era simm where I explore her time there.

Due to a gap in play (2008 – 2019), I will be retroactively changing some ranks/positions. However, I am keeping true to the character’s SIMM history and assignments to the best of my ability. It kind of helps that most of the SIMMs no longer exist. Makes it easier to write a believable BIO.


Yolen’da Surridge (Grenn)
Stephen Surridge – LtCol SFMC
R’alka Emerson – RADM – XO 5/54th TF, CO USS Merlitz
J’al Grenn – LtCmdr – XO USS Horizon
M’esserri R’Pas – LtCol – MCO USS Avalon
K’ierran T’arren – Cmdr – XO USS Warrior
L’san T’arren – Lt – CENG USS Philadelphia

See Service Record Below:

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - Present Regimental Training Coordinator SFMC Sao Paulo OTS - 6th Marines, 2nd Regiment
2383 - 2385 Executive Officer Deep Space 7 - Allura Prime
2380 - 2383 Chief of Engineering Operations Deep Space 7 - Allura Prime
2379 - 2380 Chief Engineer USS Mananas
2378 - 2379 Chief Engineer USS Mananas
2376 - 2378 Executive Officer 2/23rd 430th Infantry Detatchment
2373 - 2376 Executive Officer First Marine Expeditionary Unit, Second Company, Bravo Platoon XO
2372 - 2373 Fireteam Baker CO SFMC Sao Paulo OTC 2/8th Marines