Profile Overview

Yolen'da Grenn

Caitian Female

Character Description

Yolen’da Grenn
R’alka Grenn– Lt – Chief Engineer, USS Shadow
J’al Grenn – Ens – Engineer, USS Manhattan
M’esserri R’Pas – 1st Lt – 2/23rd Marines
K’ierran T’arren – Lt JG – Engineer, USS Challenger
L’san T’arren

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2373 - Present Executive Officer First Marine Expeditionary Unit, Second Company, Bravo Platoon XO
2372 - 2373 Fireteam Baker CO SFMC Sao Paulo OTC 2/8th Marines

Character Summary

This character will be played in the Dominion War era. Dates/Ages/Rank reflect her at the time period of 2375 (or about). I also intend to use a modern day version of this character including all of her BF and simm related history. The core concept will be a character right out of the Marine Corps academy officer training on assignment to her first unit. The simm is a collaborative effort between Sean (Ressi) and myself.