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Profile Overview

Naz Jadi

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Crewman Naz




Naz Jadi



She may be seen as short compared to some. Her shoulders are petite, but they swing as if they are broad. A strong posture holds her head high with military bearing. The Bajoran woman never seems relaxed.

Defined nose ridges cut into a beautifully angular nose. Soft, fair skin covers the delicate angles of her face. The somewhat aggressive look in her eye can be intimidating, if not also slightly impish.

Jadi enjoys wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts when able. She isn’t overly muscular, but appears fit and flexible. Smirks, grins and laughter are common expressions. There’s an air of sarcasm about her though.


An anonymous woman dropped a baby off near a makeshift temple on the Bajoran colony of Free Haven. It was 2370 and Bajoran life was tough. Her father was unknown, rumored to be a pilot moving through the system. There are some who say the mother was known, but her identity was kept hidden.

Jadi still remembers the Breen assault on the colony in 2372. She was very young, but remembers standing and crying among a bunch of adults she thought were sleeping.

Her youth was spent living and scrapping with a band of Bajoran orphans.

It felt like she didn’t know anything else to do but fight and survive. At 17, she enlisted in Starfleet. She had thought about the SFMC, but a Fleet recruiter told her she’d travel more as fleet security.

Basic went well. She found new confidence and was born again in the image of Starfleet. Her first job wasn’t glamorous. She monitored a few cells on a Steamrunner. One day she escorted a visiting dignitary to a remote Starbase and was permanently reassigned.

Both assignments left her wanting more. Adventure. Space. Someplace small, cramped and therefore cozy.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 Recruit Starfleet Academy Basic Training
2387 - 2388 Brig Watchman USS Illustrious
2388 - 2389 Security Crewman Starbase 611