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Profile Overview

Michael Sorensen

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Michael Sorensen

Played By

Meila (ID: )


Michael Sorensen is currently Chief Engineer on board the USS Excalibur


Michael Sorensen grew up on a small Federation mining colony. His father worked there as an engineer, so he basically inherited the talent and the interest for repairing things. Although the rough life on a mining colony would not seem as the perfect place to bring up a child, Michael really liked it there. For him it was the perfect place for adventures as well as a place where he could escape parental supervision especially as a teenager. Especially his mother was overprotective as she did not like her son to roam around the mining colony alone. Michael also like to play holonovels and read books, especially when he had enough of the mining colony. For him this was a way to get out and to see and hear more from a world that was much bigger and more interesting than the colony.

At the age of sixteen, Michael started to think about his future. He was interested in technology and he was good at repairing things, but on the other hand he wanted to escape that small colony and see more than just Bartok III. So he decided to join Starfleet and leave Bartok to attend Starfleet Academy on Earth.

At the age of eighteen, Michael enrolled at the Academy. At first he was overwhelmed by the many students from different planets and the beautiful. It was not that easy for him to make friends at the beginning. There had not been many kids his age on the mining colony. But over the course of time, he made a few friends at the Academy. One of them was Mallory Cardigan. He quickly fell in love with her and they started a romantic relationship. It takes some time until he really calls someone a friend and he has only a handful of really close ones. If he got to know a person and likes her / him, he is a good sport. He really likes bantering with his friends. His aim was to start career in Starfleet and become one of the best engineers in Starfleet.

His academic performance was quite good as he did not spend so much time socializing with others. After all he did not have that many friends to socialize all the time.
This was also the reason why the relationship between him and Mallory was short lived and broke up again. Mallory left the Academy and Michael did not know why. His plan was then to make career.

His first posting was as an engineer on Starbase 123. His ideas of the perfect Starfleet career in engineering suddenly vanished into thin air when he got to know that his former girlfriend Mallory had died in a tragic accident. He also got to know that she had given birth to a child when she had left the Academy and that he was the father. This changed everything – especially as Mallory did not want to keep the child. Michael however did not want to evade the responsibility and in the end got the custody right.

His top priority was his daughter now, so his career plans were on hold. Life as an engineer and a single parent was not always easy, but he managed to do well – at least he opes so. He is not so self-confident as the makes others believe as he is not certain that he was always able to be the good father to Lina that he wanted to be. Or the good engineer he wanted to be. It is just now that his daughter turned 13 that he applied for the Chief Engineering post on the Excalibur.

Surprisingly enough when you know him on duty, Michael Sorensen’s quarters can be slightly messy at times as he is not really very good at keeping perfect order. So you might find some socks or uniform pants lying on the floor or on the bed. Or there might be some padds on the table that haven’t been put away yet from the day before.

He keeps several things that remind him of his family back on mining colony Bartok III. He also likes to have some plants in his quarters as the standard room is too sterile and cold for him, although those plants tend to be short-lived as he is not really green-thumbed.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2376 - 2381 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2389 Engineer Starbase 123
2389 - Present Chief Engineer USS Excalibur