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Raku Mobra

Bajoran Male

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Commander Raku


Raku Mobra



Raku Mobra’s career in Starfleet has focused mostly on ship operation and navigation. He studied both fields at the Academy, along with a healthy dose of leadership and combat doctrine courses.

Mobra’s experiences have taken him through highs and lows. He had to live a militant life from a young age under Cardassian occupation. Starfleet’s support of Bajor always held a prominent part in Mobra’s opinion of the fleet. He has transformed from the anti-Cardassian freedom fighter of his youth, to an experienced pilot and dedicated leader.

Commander Raku was known for getting the most performance from every ship he’s flown. As an XO, the Bajoran seemed to get the most out of his crew. Now he leads a ship of his own.

Only time will tell how he greets each new challenge.


A look at Mobra starts with his name. The surname of Raku is related to ‘Rak’ or few. ‘Raka’ means to take. Personified, Raku could mean one who takes few. The name corresponds to the Va’telo caste of pilots, sailors and navigators. Raku Mobra has never been a fan of the D’jarra caste system. The dreamer has still always been drawn to flight. It was if he couldn’t avoid his calling. Flight was more than just a career or lifestyle. It took Mobra and his family off Bajor and away from the Cardassian occupation’s worst horrors.

Just before his 10th birthday, the Raku family boarded a freighter to Free Haven. The reach of the Cardassians was less, but they were always on the run. Mobra saw his first combat at 16. He’d done a few support tasks and was often left to watch the ship. A local resistance cell conducted several operations throughout the 2360s, harassing Cardassian operations in nearby sectors. The Breen notoriously attacked Free Haven in 2372. These next few years would become a murky political era with events ranging from the Klingon Civil War to the Dominion Cold War.

Mobra was an experienced fighter by now. He also knew how to fly most ships in the Bajoran fleet. He was just over 20 and didn’t want to do anything but protect and care for his people. The Occupation of Bajor ended before the 2370s, but Mobra still saw tragedy.

His father died while fighting Dominion allied Cardassians in 2374. Mobra now knew the military was the only life for him. He fought bitterly until the Dominion was defeated. The Resistance cell he fought with on Free Haven had grown into a small militia. He didn’t just fight combat hand to hand or phaser to phaser. Mobra took the fight to space, piloting small craft and outsmarting better equipped vessels.

Raku Mobra was surprised when Starfleet Academy accepted him in 2375. He was 23 when he started classes and felt even older. Growing up under occupation and constant conflict had made him emotionally chilly compared to some of his classmates. A few good friends helped him discover humor, love and even fun.

He felt satisfied, diving headfirst into the path of his D’jarra. “My time at the Academy was emotionally fulfilling”, Ensign Mobra was quoted just after his graduation ceremony. “Starfleet already feels like home.”

Raku Mobra’s career has been split between two ships. His first assignment was on a Carrier called the USS Hiryu. Not only did he get the chance to fly a large ship. He shadowed the small craft department and studied carrier ops.

His experience fighting with the Bajoran Resistance opened an assistant chief helmsman spot on the USS Ranger-A. The intrepid class ship saw a great deal of action, building Mobra’s experience. It wasn’t long before he was running the department. Mobra had also become an experienced bridge officer by then.

He passed the holodeck’s command test on his second try. He was made second officer and filled in as first mate during beta shift. Raku also substituted for the XO when she was unavailable. After she was given command of the Ranger-A, Mobra was promoted and transitioned into the executive officer role.

The dark haired Bajoran spent the next three years working to lead the crew. Much of the Ranger’s operation happened near Gorn space. The Ranger-A responded to the Gorn assault on the Canterra and Cestus systems in 2388.

Constant conflict has left Raku Mobra bitter, but not sullen. His outlook can be grim at times. He tries to use humor and whatever charisma he can muster to boost crew morale.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2379 Helm & Navigation Cadet Starfleet Academy - Earth
2379 - 2380 Navigation Officer USS Hiryu
2380 - 2381 Helm Officer USS Hiryu
2381 - 2382 Assistant Chief Helm Officer USS Ranger-A
2382 - 2384 Chief Helm Officer USS Ranger-A
2384 - 2386 Chief Helm Officer/Second Officer USS Ranger-A
2386 - 2389 Executive Officer USS Ranger-A