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Profile Overview

Elodin Devan

Bajoran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Doctor Elodin


Chief Medical Officer
USS Cygnus (Archive)


Elodin Devan MD


Silasta Refugee Camp, Bajor VIII


Believer in the Prophets, but does not allow his religious beliefs to interfere with his duties as a physician. During his childhood in the refugee camps, he was often beaten and brutalized by bullies in the camp. As a result, he has no patience for bullies. Like most Bajorans, he harbors a deep hatred of Cardassians. Imaginative, he often comes up with unusual and unorthodox treatment options, and has been known to circumvent the rules in order to treat his patients. He has little patience for Starfleet bureaucracy and protocol. He views himself as a doctor first, a Bajoran second, and a Starfleet officer third. He is a student of philosophy and history.


Tall. Sandy blond hair, steel grey eyes. Wears the traditional Bajoran earring, despite receiving several notifications to conform to the Starfleet uniform code. Solid build, but not overly muscular. Face, arms and torso lightly scarred from several injuries while in the refugee camp.


Devan was born in the Silasta refugee camp on Bajor VIII. His father, Elodin Jovan, was killed a few months after his birth in the ore processing center on Terok Nor. Devan was left with his mother and sister, his elder by three years, in the refugee camp. When she was nine and beginning to blossom, his older sister, Sancia, was taken by the Cardassians to be trained into being a comfort woman. After her departure, she was never seen or heard from again, and is presumed dead. Devan was left alone with his mother, Tané Kalina, a kind and generous woman. But resources were scarce in the refugee camp. Food and water reserves were limited. Kalina often went hungry so that her son could have enough to eat, and eventually died of malnutrition when Devan was eight years old, leaving him orphaned. He was a scrawny little kid, often picked on by the older and bigger kids in the camp. He often had to resort to theft to survive.

Devan became a field medic for the Resistance at a very young age, given that the refugee camp was short-staffed. He fought alongside the Resistance when they liberated the Pakor’am labor camp. After the Cardassian Withdrawal, he remaied at the Silasta refugee camp. He assisted the camp’s lone physician during house calls. He attended medical school in Jalanda City as soon as he was old enough to enroll, and later enlisted as a doctor in the Militia. He became a Starfleet officer when the Militia was integrated into Starfleet, after Bajor joined the Federation.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2364 - 2371 Field medic Bajoran Resistance Movement
Second Lieutenant
2371 - 2376 Medical School Bajoran Capital
2376 - 2383 Medical Officer Shandor Province
First Lieutenant
2383 - 2385 Integration Training, Bajoran Militia Starfleet Academy
Crewman Apprentice
2385 - 2391 Medical Officer USS Faragut
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2391 - 2396 Medical Officer Starbase 27
2396 - 2399 Medical Officer USS Helsinki
2399 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Cygnus