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Antoinette Bouchard

Human Female

Character Information

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Bouchard




Antoinette Felicity Bouchard



Once an extrovert that enjoyed people and sharing the world, Antoinette has become shy, introverted, and an extremely dedicated worker for the UES. She rarely speaks about herself or her family but will participate in conversations regarding other people. She is fluent in several languages and picks them up easily. In her repertoire are French, Spanish, English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Andorian, Vulcan, Klingon, and Romulan.


Antoinette was the youngest of two children. From the outset, Antoinette was a bundle of joy. She was a child that just wanted to explore the world and experience all the joy that was in it. People flocked to her and she had a great deal of friends. Since her parents were French and Mexican, she was raised bilingual and languages became a strength for her. She could break them down with little difficulty and enjoyed studying them throughout her schooling.

Antoinette had dreams of becoming of becoming an actress. She attended elite acting schools and was graduating just when the Earth-Romulan War broke out in 2156. She started trying out for jobs but all members of Earth were needed for the war effort. Initially, her efforts were as a pinup for the Earth Government and for helping sell government war bonds. However, as the war continued, Antoinette was needed more than for her beauty. She was needed for her linguistic skills.

Conscripted into the Earth defense force, Antoinette and her brother studied hard. Percival was pushed onto the war front and Antoinette was sent into intelligence and communications to try and predict the Romulan movements. Unfortunately, Percival’s ship was destroyed at Cheron. Percival’s remains were never found and he was presumed dead.

After that moment, Antoinette was a different person. Her bubbly and outgoing personality disappeared and she became more and more introverted. Friends became distant. The only thing that mattered now, was revenge.

Once the war ended, Antoinette further receded into herself. She became shy. Her parents thought that acting would assist her again. However, she refused and stayed within Earth’s forces. However, again, her personality changed slightly towards something more positive after a couple of months and her service improved, causing her to be promoted to a Junior Grade Lieutenant. Now, she is seen to be one of the hardest working members of the force. Yet, she continues to wall herself from other people, rarely forming any close relationships with anyone.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2158 - 2160 Intelligence Officer Earth Intelligence
2160 - 2161 Assistant Chief Communications Officer UES Waterloo
2161 - 2163 Chief Communications Officer UES George Custer
2163 - Present Chief Communications Officer UES Ticonderoga