Commodore Nathan Russ

Nathan Russ graduated from the Terran Fleet Academy and murdered his way skillfully to command of the ISS Yamato. The sister of the ISS Enterprise commanded by Fleet Captain Jean Luc Picard. Born in the Mirror Kelvin Universe Nathan Russ grew up as a Terran enjoying the privilege of rank and power especially over the filthy aliens who served under him. His Galaxy class battleship helps to expand and police the large Terran Universe keeping back the Klingon Cardassian alliance and a watchful eye on the sneaky Romulan Star Empire.


Born on Earth, Nathan enjoyed all the benefits of being a Terran.  He had a Vulcan and an Andorian slave, several shuttle craft, a large home and more ‘things’ than any boy could want.  He was taught early on to be prejudicial against any one who wasn’t a pure Terran.  Soon building a desire for action, he joined the Terran Fleet Academy and began to work his way to the top.  Showing quickly he wasn’t afraid of a good fight, he took on cadets twice his size and double his power.  Some times winning, some times losing, always earning the admiration and respect of his pears and his instructors.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Security OfficerISS Hood
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief of SecurityISS Hood
Chief Tactical OfficerISS Exeter
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerISS Exeter
Executive OfficerISS Yamato
CaptainISS Yamato