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Song of Justice

Liberated Borg Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Justice




Tall, dark, and augmented, Justice doesn’t suffer from many of the disfigurations common to most Liberated Borg. His lean physique carries a few artificial parts and pieces, but few of them are externally visible. Justice is a mercurial individual, at one moment solemn and somber, and jovial and happy the next. As a cultural ambassador for Liberated Borg everywhere, he is eager to present himself as not only competent, but friendly and personable as well. If only his eagerness were matched by success. Unlike most ambassadors, Justice refuses to acclimate to his host culture.


In 2365, when Archer Logan V was a child, the USS Delahunt on which his parents served, was attacked by the Borg. His parents (a proud family from Terra Nova) were killed before the assimilation party reached him. As a child, he was placed within a maturation chamber where he spent his formative years. The cube in which he was to be assimilated upon reaching maturity was severed from the Collective in 2368, at which time he was released from his maturation chamber as an adolescent.

The Liberated Borg struggled through many years of adversity and confusion before finally settling upon a cultural ideal on which to found themselves: Freedom. The survivors of the Severance formed a Cooperative colony on an uncharted planet, ultimately reorganizing as the New Cooperative in 2373. The fledgling civilization was centered around mutualism and free expression.

During the Speaking of Names, a communal gathering where the Liberated would publicly declare their new name, Archer Logan V took the name Song of Justice in the hope that his life would become just that. Most Liberated Borg held unsightly disfigurations which made acclimation and diplomacy with other worlds and factions difficult. As such, the New Cooperative has remained a largely isolated enclave, though not through a lack of hospitality.

In 2380, at age 22, Justice made the brave decision to apply to the Starfleet Academy with the hope of redeeming his new culture in the eyes of the Federation–and, just maybe, liberate more drones from the oppressive Collective that took his old life away from him.

Justice aced the entry exams, pursued the Engineering track, and preached the gospel of Borg mutualism as practiced in the New Cooperative. Upon graduation, he set his eyes toward the Delta Quadrant which hosts the very heart of the Collective. The Academy staff was happy to see him leave.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present Chief Engineer USS Crazy Horse
2387 - 2389 Assistant Chief Engineer USS Constitution-D
2385 - 2387 Assistant Chief Engineer USS Elon Musk
2383 - 2385 Engineering Officer USS Elon Musk