Profile Overview


1/2 Vulcan and 1/2 El Aurian Male

Character Description

2379–2383 – USS Ira Medical Officer

2383-2385 – USS Mythic Medical Officer and Head of Surgery

2385-2386 – USS Olympus Medical Ship Deputy Chief Medicine

2386 – 2391 – Starfleet Command Academy junior instructor

2391-2392 – Sabbatical

2392 – Assigned to USS Starbase 400 and quickly promoted to CMO

Books / Articles Published:

Importance of Preserving Galactic Flora (Book)

Character Summary

Hades is the CMO. He returned to work after a year long leave for an undisclosed illness. He was forced to return to work almost as soon as he woke up form the Coma he was in. He has since been assigned to Starbase 400 where he served as the Assistant CMO. When the CMO left he got promoted and has been the go to doctor since. He is well respected and has an excellent beside manner.

Current Assignment