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Profile Overview


Reman Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Senior Chief Petty Officer Vcor'chak




6’3” tall
210lbs muscular
Scars cross his chest and stomach and back from knife fights.

Names he uses: V
He prefers to go by V or Chak.



While he is a doctor he also has a unique perspective on things.  He can be abrupt and is very direct. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything which has gotten him a reputation of not having bedside manner.

He is strong of mind and has his peoples ability to speak mind to mind.  He dislikes that ability and rarely uses it. In fact if a person was to speak directly kind to mind he could snap and attack or may just ignore depending on who it is.

Ambitions: while he is a defector and dislikes most of his people he knows that he would love to free the slaves thst are his people and subject those who have terrorized them to the same treatment.

His weakness as he considers it is his anger but is also his strength.  It is what kept him going during the darkest years of his life. It sustained him through becoming a doctor and through getting stationed aboard either a base or a ship.

He has a particular dislike of romulans and during his cadet years he was penalized for attacking a fellow cadet who was romulan.  He also has a dislike of his own people feeling they are weak.

Strengths for him are his ability to fight as he was trained at a young age in blade weapons as well as energy weapons.  He doesn’t feel powerless and he can defend those he needs to save as easily as use the medicine.


Born on one of the Romulans colonies he never lived on the homeworld.  He knew from a young age he was destined to go to be a Marine with one of the shock troops that serve as fodder for the Romulans.  He was being trained to fight with blades as well as energy weapons. The training camps were brutal and they were set trials and tasks that would prove them to be capable fighters or die.  That why he is scarred from those battles.

At around the age of 16 he showed he was smart and helped patch up many of the younger remans.  They realized he had a great talent and pushed him into learning medicine and would become one of the people who kept the remans in top fighting shape.

He was 20 when he managed to escape the Romulans and was a trained doctor.  He had served in half a campaign and fled along with 3 other Reman slaves.

He spent years 6 to be exact in Starfleet academy as he had trouble adjusting to freedom and to the new regimen that he was expected to complete.  There were a lot of courses that he just couldn’t handle well and one that even had him shut down emotionally.

26 he graduated the academy and then moved to serve with a marine recon group for the better part of 6 years.

At 32 he was sent back to academy where he spent 3 more years to be able to dial profession in both medical doctor as well as counselor.

At age 35 he was sent to a Klingon outpost where he was attached to the diplomatic forces there and would be the attending doctor.

At age 42 he has now moved to the Beta Quadrant where he has requested a role on the smaller ship Ajax as they need a dr and he has the skills needed both as medical and counselor.

Favourite weaponry:

Having been on a diplomat post on one of the many Klingon colonies it should come as no shock that he loves the batleth and he has two of them that he has kept over the years with etchings showing the two great houses who gifted them to him.

He usually has a knife on him as you never know when you might need one .

Languages spoken:






He love martial prowess and since his background is very sad when it comes to the martial forms it is a wonder he loves it so.

He prefers more of the older weapons that aren’t energy.  He has affinity for Klingon weapons and also earth weapons.

He is also very handy with his hands and loves to do craft.  He paints badly and he plays multiple instruments including drums and piano as well as Harp.