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Profile Overview

Targh'n “Hawk” Hawking

Klingon-Human Hybrid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Hawking




Hawk stands short of standard Klingon statuture, likely due to his Terran mother, but his musculature and cardiovascular system boasts the enhanced Klingon physiology. The ridges of his forehead are understated but still clearly visible.
Hawk is a little rough around the edges due to his Lord of the Flies childhood as a street urchin and he compensates by being overly formal in professional settings. When he lets his hair down, which is seldom, Hawk sometimes struggles to find his place.
Identifying solely with his human side, Hawk rejects his Klingon heritage with prejudice, viewing its warrior culture as senseless barbarism and its government as nothing more than corrupt warlords.
Notions such as freedom and justice are Hawk’s guiding stars. Between his childhood in an urchin street ga


According to Starfleet’s best physiological estimate, Hawk was born circa 2356 on the streets of Galorda Prime. His childhood is a mystery even to him, as he’s unable to remember his earliest years.
In the spring of 2372, Karnak’s Bastards attempted to mug a human couple, Glenn and Linda Hawking, who were performing humanitarian social work in Galorda’s poorer districts. Hawk, then known only as Targh’n (Klingon slang for a dog-like individual), took injury in the botched mugging and was taken by the humans back to the Federation consulate where they worked.
It was not much later that Chancellor Gowron withdrew the Empire from the Khitomer Accords, which expelled the Hawkings along with all Federation personnel from Klingon space. The Hawkings, not wanting to leave the wounded Targh’n to the bankrupt charity of Galorda, petitioned the Federation to permit asylum based upon the boy’s dual ancestry.
After asylum was granted, the Hawkings entered early retirement and took their young ward to Linda’s family homestead in the moors of Scotland. It was there that Targh’n learned that there are good things in the universe that are worth fighting and dying for.
He kept the name Targh’n from his asylum paperwork as a reminder of where he came from, but fully embraced the surname of his new parents. Soon he was known by a shortened version of it, making “Hawk” his preferred name of address.
Hawk’s education was abysmal, and it took private tutoring to remedy that. Even so, when he applied for the Starfleet Academy in 2377, he passed the entry exam with flying colors.
The time at the Academy was difficult, as it was unlike his time as a street gang or the luxurious isolation he had with his adoptive family.
But Hawk loved every minute of it. The challenge of the course work; the harsh routines and discipline exercises; the dangling carrots and impossible demands, like the infamous Kobayashi-Maru test — all of it blended into a chorus that both halves of Hawk’s heritage could embrace.
When he graduated as a Security officer, Glenn and Linda were in attendance, beaming as brightly as if they had birthed Hawk themselves.
Hawk’s first posting was an Intrepid class vessel called the USS Peregrine. There were few opportunities to distinguish himself, but his Chief nonetheless recognized his commitment to Starfleet and his dedication to duty. In a couple short years, he got promoted to the assistant department head role.
Hawk thrived in his duties, often allowing his Chief some breathing room. It was with reluctant congratulations that the Peregrine let him go on to head up the Security department on the Akira class USS Taniwha.
The Taniwha ran interdiction between the Gavarian Frontier clear to the Borderlands, where Hawk was awarded with the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry for going above and beyond in a rescue mission.
With the USS Southern Cross assigned to patrol the Borderlands in earnest, Hawk put in a transfer to head up its Security department. If the Klingons thought to violate their agreements, or if any souls sought freedom from the yolk of Klingon oppression, then Hawk wanted to be on the frontline.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - Present Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Southern Cross
2387 - 2388 Chief of Security USS Taniwha
2386 - 2388 Chief of Security USS Taniwha
2383 - 2386 Assistant Chief of Security USS Peregrine
2381 - 2382 Security Officer USS Peregrine
2377 - 2381 Cadet Starfleet Academy