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Profile Overview

Jonathan Sumpter

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Rear Admiral Sumpter


Jonathan Andrew Sumpter was born to Daniel and Allison Sumpter on February 9, 2349 aboard Starbase 24, where his both had both been assigned. Starbase 24 was placed along the Klingon border, and had witnessed various instabilities with the Empire. The young boy was luckier than most children his age who had Starfleet parents, for he had a stable home and both his mother and father by his side. Three years after his birth John’s sister, Jacy Sumpter was also born to his parents, and a year later his youngest brother, Alexander Sumpter came to be. The three drew together tightly, for the children of the stations highest ranking officers tended to be slightly alienated. All three children learned of Starfleet workings through eavesdropping on their mother and father’s discussions. However, none of the children had any intense drive to join Starfleet.

At the age of 10, however, the station came under a major assault. A fleet of pirate cruisers, dispatched by the head Cartel of the sector, launched a pre-emptive strike against Starbase 24 using the planet as a shield. Completely unexpected, the initial attack included boarding parties and a massive firing offensive. Several outer decks were breached, and many more boarded. One of which happened to include John and his siblings. The attack tore a breach in the hull from which John was nearly drained into space before the forcefields came online. Directly after which, John, who had been pulled from his brother and sister by the breach, watched as a pirate took a knife to his siblings, preparing to kill them. At that exact moment a Vulcan starfleet officer, an Ensign wearing red, quickly snapped the neck of the pirate before either John or the pirate himself could calculate what was happening. The Vulcan officer took John, Jacy, and Alex quickly to a safe location while the battle ensued.

In less the twenty minutes the pirate force had been eliminated and the station stood down. The officer that had saved them sparked a great interest in not only John, but his younger siblings as well. At that moment they realized that Starfleet officers were more than politics and running things as their parents were; Starfleet officers were the ones on the frontlines, protecting the people, just as the Ensign in red had been.

At the age of 18 John was inducted into Starfleet Academy. He and his class were sent out aboard the USS San Antonio, a Excelsior-Refit, on a tour cruise around Sol. However, at the same time the Borg entered Federation space and rushed Sector 001. The San Antonio was diverted to intercept. John, along with his class, witnessed one of the greatest tragedies ever recorded: Wolf 359. The San Antonio was one of the only ships to survive the conflict, and moved to Earth to regroup. Upon arrival John and his fellow classmates were beamed back to the Academy and rushed to emergency shelters with most other planet-side beings. Luckily, however, the heroic actions of the USS Enterprise stopped the Borg in their tracks.

With the Borg threat gone for the time, John was able to go back to his studied. There he met two life-long friends: Andrea Evers, a young human woman, and Suvar, a Vulcan man. The three grew very close through the Academy years. Andrea proved herself to be advanced in the field of Starship operations and tactical espionage, while Suvar, along with John himself, were on the path to command.

As 2374 arrived, John was cleared to graduate. It was a time of great tension as the Federation entered the Federation-Dominion Cold War, but his parents and brother still managed to arrive to witness the event, while his sister had just been inducted into the academy, and was therefore available to watch the ceremony unfold. Graduation was magnificent, leaving a bright memory in a past that would involve great bloodshed.

John’s first assignment was to the USS Exeter. The Exeter was Nebula Class starship, with John serving as Assistant Chief of Operations, a position he gained fresh out for the Academy due to the rush to man ships as the second Klingon-Federation war launched. The Exeter joined the front lines, basing it’s operations out of John’s old home. Starbase 24, and participated in multiple engagements, all victorious, but just barely. The war was tiring but soon came to a close, only to welcome a new war, the Dominion War.

The Exeter once again participated in many conflicts, including the battle of Chin’toka, the first major allied victory. However, the battle proved to be the end of the Exeter. The ship was boarded and destroyed by Dominion forces. Only John and five other officers survived the explosion.

John was immediately re-assigned to the USS Shadow, a newly developed Intrepid-class starship under the command of ex-Borg Nicholas Perrusio. The Shadow participated in heavy engagements, including the final battle of Cardassia. As the war closed and the treaty was signed, the Shadow rushed across the quadrant, away from the haunting past. Aboard the shadow John started his career as Chief of Operations, however this didn’t prove to be his desire.

John wanted command, and with that desire he was put in red, and placed as Chief Helmsman. A year later, with the departure of Perrusio, John took the post of Executive Officer under the command of his old friend R’alka Grenn. Finally, with the departure of Commodore Grenn, John took over the position of the USS Shadow’s Commanding Officer, which he holds to this date.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2384 Commanding Officer Task Force 21
2382 - 2383 Task Force Executive Officer Task Force 38
2382 Task Force Second Officer Task Force 38
2381 - 2382 Task Group Alpha Commanding Officer Task Force 38
2380 - 2384 Commanding Officer USS Shadow
2379 - 2380 Executive Officer USS Shadow
2379 Chief Helmsman USS Shadow
2377 - 2379 Chief of Operations USS Shadow
2375 - 2377 Assistant Chief of Operations USS Shadow
2372 - 2374 Assistant Chief Helmsman USS Exeter
2367 - 2371 Cadet Starfleet Academy