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Profile Overview

Corey Markson

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Markson




Chief Science Officer of USS Mercury


Corey Markson was born on Utopia Planatia, Mars. His father, Robert, was an mining automation engineer, and his mother, Juno, was a construction manager for the Fleet Yards. He also had two older sisters, Theia and Jenny. He spent a lot of his time in the Gardens District of Utopia Planatia, even volunteering his free time to help with the gardening and botany. With both parents working in the industrial sector, they grew up with a heavy Federation and Starfleet influence. Although Juno was a civilian contractor, she’d often host officers to see the unmatched “Martian hospitality.” Many of the visitors would be engineers or scientists working on cutting-edge technology. That sort of work excited Corey, causing him to enlist in Starfleet at the age of 17.

With high marks in secondary school, he was able to get accepted as a cadet to Starfleet Academy. His primary interest was in biology, so he took up the Science track. His four years in San Francisco showed promise. He wasn’t the highest scoring student, but showed great dedication and cleverness. His imperfect grades haunted him, so by his senior year, he was able to graduate with honors in 2245. He was first assigned to the USS Shran as a science officer.

Aboard the Shran, Corey took the role as a biologist and was in charge of cataloging newly-discovered flora and fauna. Much of his time was spent in the science labs computo-disecting and processing different samples. With permission of the CO, he was able to take Away Team training to start attending off-ship missions. This expanded his basic combat skill set, as well as expanding his reach as a science officer. As time went on, he became a regular on discovery outings. Due to his diligence, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2249.

In 2250, Corey was transferred to a Starfleet science lab on San Fransisco. The initiative was to work on biocomputing interfaces for starships. Corey served as a lab assistant. Much of the work was classified. He even had a hard time accessing many of the files for his own research, but he figure he didn’t want to rock the boat. The position was short-lived. With little closure, he was sent back to the Shran in 2252. He was promoted to a gamma-shift bridge position. When the Chief Science Officer was promoted on another ship, Corey took the opportunity to apply.

In 2255, he was promoted to that position with the rank of Lieutenant. In charge of the department, he had a managerial aspect to his work now. He enjoyed the ability to lead, but still had a lot of things to learn about the position. By the time he reached a level of comfort, the Battle of the Binary Stars occurred. With the Shran being close to the system, they were one of the first responders to the Shenzhou’s distress call.

When the first fire happened, the Shran was on the front line. Being a small, quick ship, the Shran was able to last through part of the battle. However, it was not heavily armed or shielded. Consoles were exploding and conduits were sparking. Causalities were slowly hiking before the call to abandon ship was made. Unfortunately, it was too late for many. Corey was one of the lucky ones who got to the escape pods. A lot of his colleagues were caught in the engulfing fires when the Shran was ultimately destroyed.

Per the recommendation of Starfleet, Corey and other survivors were given leave. He went back home to Mars, where his parents still lived. He was regularly contacted with a counselor to help through the grieving process. Corey was numb. It still didn’t seem real to him. His counselor decided it would be best to take an extended leave of absence until he was able to regain his ability to serve. He spent most of his time back in the Botanical Gardens, volunteering there like he did growing up. He took to the plants as though it were his normal job. A few months later, he was brought back to active duty. This time, as a Lab Head on Starbase K-7. His time on K-7 was short-lived. He longed to return back into open space aboard a ship. He felt the need to return to the front and avenge those he lost. He filed for a transfer to the USS Magellan.