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Profile Overview

Glenn Walker

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Walker




Glenn was raised by his parent’s in the South East of England. At the age of 16 he joined the British Royal Marine Corps. After a couple of years of training he joined the elite soldiers of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1 AGRM).

Glenn saw various amount of action during his time with Marines, from all out assaults to Peacekeeping missions.

Walker rose to the Rank of Captain, before the Royal Marines were folded into the larger global Military Assault Command Operations. Once this happened Walker requested a temporary leave of absence while the transition process happened. Various rumours of the Royal Marines where no longer needed were widespread and Walker wanted time to think his future through.

War with the Romulans broke out and all Marines where called into active service and were stationed on Starfleets ships. Walker came back into the fold and began to instruct new recruits but longed to be back on the front line in a time of war so requested a transfer. His transfer was accepted and was assigned to the Endeavour.

During his time aboard Endeavour, Glenn fought the Romulans many times. He was promoted to Major and completed Starfleet Command training.

Towards the end of the war, Walker was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel to transferred to MACO HQ on Earth to plan ground assaults on annexed worlds.

However, before those plans came to fruition the Battle of Cheron happened. The Starfleet task force was mostly destroyed, only a few ships survived albeit badly damaged.

This left the Starfleet and MACO hierarchy no choice but to surrender to the Romulans.

After months of negotiations, the MACO’s were disbanded as per the treaty of Cheron. Those serving in the MACO’s were given a choice honourable discharge or transfer to Starfleet.

Due to Walker’s Starfleet Command training he took whilst serving on Endeavour, he was integrated into Starfleet and given the rank of Commander. Although he didn’t like the idea of having Romulans on his homeworld, he knew a day would come when he could make a difference again.

He was assigned to the UES Lakota as her First Officer. The Lakota was assigned to border control.

Three years later, Walker was promoted to Captain and given command of the newly refitted UES Ticonderoga. During this time, the Klingon Empire began attacking the Romulan Empire, forcing them to switch their focus to the border with the Klingon Empire as war seemed imminent.