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James Tyson

Human Male

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Commander Tyson




James Edward Tyson



James E Tyson has served in Starfleet since 2338 and has commanded a Starship in every single conflict and war since 2353, where he earned the nickname Edward the Repulser. He served also during Tzenkethi/Federation War and during the Klingon/Federation war and finally the Dominion War. Once the Dominion War ended he was tasked in helping the rebuilding efforts, and afterwards was one of the first CO’s to take on deep space exploration. After serving 47 years in Starfleet he decided to retire, and it wasn’t until he heard the declaration of the Alrakis Pact that he decided to re-enlist his services as he figured Starfleet would need all the experienced command officers to help ride the waves of this particular challenge.


James was born April 9, 2317 on Starbase 12 to Benjamin Louis Tyson and Alice Grace McDonald. He was the second oldest child born out of 5 children. His mother Alice was a research scientist working for the Daystrom Institute on updated ODN systems for the next series of starships and his father Benjamin was the Head of Operations for the Starbase 12. His younger brother Paul was born a year later, and it was the decision to move to a planetary base so that they could have more room for a larger family. The family moved to Starbase 11 where his father took over as Executive Officer for the base; the family stayed their until James turned 8 and his youngest brother Norman was born.

His father was then promoted to Captain and ordered to Starbase 173 to take command, however with the Station being so close to Romulan Territory he decided to relocate his family to the Draken IV. The family borded the USS Richmond while his father remained on the base; after a four day trip the Richmond dropped out of warp within the Draken system and came under attack by mercenary pirates. The Richmond sustained heavy damage, and started evacuating everyone in shuttles and life pods. James’ mother Alice was killed during the attack, and the family remained on Draken IV until their father arrived for them. James’ father Benjamin arrived and decided to bring his children with him as he now wanted to be closer to them more than ever.

James and his brothers and sisters then transferred to Starbase 173 where they grew up. At the age of 16 his brother was accepted into Starfleet Academy. A couple of years later, James enrolled into Starfleet Academy wanting to move into the tactical department. After spending four years at the academy James graduated 100 out of a graduating class of 450 with the rank of ensign. After graduation he spent a month on Earth meeting up with old friends before he was to ship out on his first assignment aboard the USS Coolidge. While visiting relatives received orders that he was being transferred to the USS Excelsior as Junior Tactical Officer; as the USS Coolidge was damaged while traveling to Earth.

The Excelsior was transferred to the Beta Quadrant along the Klingon Neutral Zone, while there the Excelsior had brief skirmishes during her two year patrol of the border. While aboard the Excelsior participated in several away missions shipping supplies, investigating strange ships crossing the border. Participated in catching spies ferrying strategic information across the border. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2340 and a year later was transferred to the Charleston to serve as the Asst. Chief/Tactical Officer.

The Charleston was also serving in the Beta Quadrant, and placed on a three year deep space surveying mission. After cataloging anomalies, and different planetary systems the Charleston transferred to the Alpha Quadrant in patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone. It was during this patrol that the Charleston engaged two Romulan warbirds who were caught in the neutral zone, the Charleston sustained damage and in the process her CTO was killed. James was promoted to full lieutenant and Chief Tactical/Security Officer.

James served in that position for three years before being elevated to the Charleston’s Executive Officer, where he served in that position for an additional four years. In 2353 the Cardassian/Federation War was escalating and experienced command officers were being lost in various engagements. Commander Tyson was promoted to Captain and transferred to command the USS Repulse as the Repulse’s CO was transferred to command the USS Ambassador.

For the next seven years the Repulse was stationed along the Cardassian Border, and gained the nickname as the Repulser; for she was know for her swift action and constantly forcing Cardassian forces back across their side of the border. While the Repulse was under going repairs and refits from an engagement in 2360, Captain Tyson was transferred to the USS Independence; and would be heading up small task force, in charge of checking Cardassian movement.

In 2362 while on boarder patrol, learned of a Cardassian flanking movement against Minos Korva. Task force lead by the 3rd Order attacked a small Starfleet task force on patrol and destroyed 3 ships and crippled two. The Independence, the Repulse and the Majestic moved to intercept and pushed back the Cardassian flanking movement. James later learned that his brothers ship the Renault was one of the ships that was destroyed in the blitz maneuver.

Once the Federation/Cardassian peace treaty was signed, due to his extensive experience with Cardassian affairs was placed along the border as a reminder to keep the Cardassians in line. In 2372 while the Independence was undergoing routine refit, was transferred to the USS Challenger recently refited after the destruction of the USS Odyssey.

Captain Tyson was transferred to the Fifth Fleet along the Klingon Border when the Klingon/Federation War broke out. Responsible for fighting a Klingon task force to a stand still and pushing them back 6 light years. When peace was declared between the Klingon and the Federation, was transferred back to the Cardassian border. Captain Tyson then participated during the Dominion war and was tasked with leading one of attack wings in the rebuilt Seventh fleet, lead the Challenger with distinction during the entire length of the war.

After the Dominion War ended was responsible for leading up the rebuilding effort of Federation wars and colonies devastated during the Dominion War. In 2382 the Challenger was order to exploratory missions along the outer edges of the lower portion of the Alpha Quadrant. After a three year deep space exploration and study mission, James decided to retire from Starfleet.

In 2389 James E. Tyson re-enlisted within Starfleet after the declaration of the Alrakis Pact and the emergence of Freedom’s Legion, was placed in command of the newly refitted USS Sutherland.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2335 - 2338 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2338 - 2340 Junior Tactical officer USS Excelsior NCC-2000: Excelsior Class
2340 - 2341 Senior Tactical Officer USS Excelsior NCC-2000
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2341 - 2342 Asst. Chief Tactical Officer USS Cardinal NCC-1572: Miranda Class
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2342 - 2345 Chief Tactical/Security Officer USS Cardinal NCC-1572
2345 - 2347 First Officer/Chief Tactical Officer USS Cardinal NCC-1572
Lieutenant Commander
2347 - 2352 First Officer/Chief Tactical Officer USS Cardinal NCC-1572
2352 - 2360 Commanding Officer USS Repulse NCC-2544: Excelsior Class
2360 - 2372 Commanding Officer USS Independence NCC-41452: Ambassador Class
2372 - 2387 Commanding Officer USS Challenger NCC-71009
2387 - 2389 Retired Commanding Officer Earth
2389 - Present Commanding Officer USS Sutherland NCC-72015