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Profile Overview

Oskar Maising

Human Cisgender Man


Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Maising


Commanding Officer
USS Oakland




Oskar Hardi Maising

April 19th, 2334 | Stardate 11298.3

Archer IV


A man with almost forty years of Starfleet service, Oskar Maising has seen it all, highs and lows, the unexplored frontier and the debris-strewn battlefields. In the twilight of his career, Maising has had quite enough excitement on Starfleet’s front lines, and instead opts for quieter assignments on the backline, content to spend his final years in Starfleet in relative peace- or so he hopes.


Ethnically Estonian primarily, Maising is a well-aged gentle giant of a man. Six feet and three inches tall and built like a brick wall, he seems a man one would hesitate to anger. He keeps up appearances fairly well, with greying black hair kept neat and a full beard well-trimmed. Laugh lines and easy brown eyes belie his gentleness, however, with not a scar to be seen on his aged and weathered face. He looks as though he could be someone’s favorite grandfather- and indeed, to his four grandchildren, he very much is.


He looks intimidating, perhaps, but Maising’s personality is nothing of the sort. He’s an endlessly kind man with a heart of gold, soft-spoken and seemingly endlessly patient. It seems little can rile him up, and he keeps a level head easily in tough situations. Never much of a fighter, he prefers words to phasers, and will always try and talk his way out of danger first.


Born on Archer IV in 2334, Oskar Maising’s family were humble repair workers, a carpenter and an electrician respectively. Unsurprisingly, he and his little brother Sven were more inclined to the mechanical. When he was five, his mother decided to join Starfleet, encouraged by the rest of the family. While he never got to board any of her assignments and remained on Archer IV, his deep-rooted technical aptitude and having his mother as a role model brought him to seek out his own service in Starfleet.

Naturally, once he was 18, Oskar signed up for Starfleet Academy, and his transit from Archer IV to Earth was his first ever time in space. He was no excellent student at the Academy, fairly average in most every regard, but was noted more for his reliability; he wasn’t a stellar student, but he was a consistent one. Here, too, he met Sialle Riamell, a Trill science officer in his class. The two hit it off, and started dating shortly after graduating with the Class of 2355.

Out of the Academy, Oskar found his place on USS Exeter (NCC-26531), an Ambassador-class heavy cruiser. Two years before the launch of USS GalaxyExeter and her sisters were still the cream of Starfleet’s crop, even if they were no longer particularly new.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2355 - 2359 Engineer USS Exeter (NCC-26531)
2359 - 2362 Engineer USS Exeter (NCC-26531)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2362 - 2364 Engineer USS Sanming (NCC-63104)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2364 - 2367 Engineer USS Melbourne (NCC-62043)
2370 - 2373 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Dauntless (NCC-71879)
2373 - 2377 Chief Engineering Officer USS Dauntless (NCC-71879)
Lieutenant Commander
2377 - 2380 Chief Engineering Officer USS Exeter (NCC-26531)
Lieutenant Commander
2380 - 2386 First Officer USS Exeter (NCC-26531)
2386 - 2393 Commanding Officer USS Exeter (NCC-26531)
2393 - 2401 Commanding Officer USS Adelaide (NCC-70955)