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Marcus Young

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Commander Young




Marcus Robert Young



Marcus is a natural born leader, full of passion and charisma. He works feverishly as an advocate for good in the universe and he is dedicated to pursuits of the deepest truth. His influence flows from his natural confidence and comfort with doing good when it isn’t popular. Though tactful and kind, Marcus has a habit of being earnest when it isn’t in fashion. Marcus is reliable and a hard worker, though he often has a hard time separating his work from his daily life and has been known to neglect his own wellbeing.


Marcus was born to Benjamin and Trisha Young aboard the USS Freedom in 2344. His father was the Chief Engineer of the Ambassador Class ship and his mother was a civilian biologist. He was their second child, having been born after his older sister. The first five years of his life were spent aboard the starship before his father retired and mustered out of the fleet. The Young Family moved home to the outskirts of Savanna, Georgia and his parents undertook earth-bound civilian jobs.

Since he was a child, Marcus gorged on the stories of great Starfleet Captains. He would read about them constantly and ask his parents countless questions; his dream was to one day join them, not only as a Starfleet Captain, but as a noteworthy and heroic one. As he aged, his ideas of heroism evolved, but his resolve to join Starfleet had remained the same. His father was proud and felt that his son was dreaming of following in his footsteps in a certain sense, so his ambitions were greatly encouraged.

Marcus graduated highschool with straight A’s. He would decide later in life that some credit was due his desire to enter Starfleet because it pushed him toward a work-ethic he might not have achieved otherwise. He entered the Academy with great ambition and the expectation to compete with everyone he was up against. When he arrived, however, he quickly discovered that competition was less agreeable to him than working together with other students. He began to spend large amounts of his time helping other students with their studies. Academy instructors in security eventually noticed Marcus’s leadership ability when they discovered half their students were acing their tests because they had been tutored by him. He was selected as Captain of the FIre Team and graduated near the top of his class, yet still underneath many of the people he had tutored in their studies.

After graduation, Ensign Young was assigned as a Security Officer aboard the USS Dakota. He spent his working hours on patrol around a very uneventful ship, so he passed his time by getting to know as many people as he could. Within months, he knew everyone aboard the Dakota and had formed many close relationships. He was often being called upon to help with work, projects, and personal situations; he had become something of an informal councilor for people. One connection in particular caught his eye. Lana White was a waitress in the ship lounge with a temporary ambition to see the galaxy before she was too old. They fell for each other quickly and, within his first year on active duty, they were married.

After Marcus was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, he was assigned as the Security Investigations Officer aboard the Dakota. Crime was rare aboard Federation Vessels, but he was given work very quickly. The Chief Medical Officer had been found dead in his quarters and, at first it had been classified as an accident. Marcus insisted on investigating the scene further and found subtle signs of a struggle. After weeks of gathering evidence, taking testimonies, and gathering suspects, he made his first arrest. It had been the ship’s bartender. Lieutenant Young was given accolades and his wife, Lana, was given the bar. Within that year, they were pregnant with their first child, whom they would name Benjamin, after Marcus’s father.

When Benjamin was three years old, Marcus was promoted to Full Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Victoria as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Lana was given a position in their lounge, though at a lower status than in their previous assignment. Marcus took to his work like he was born for it, pushing the members of the department hard, but never being cruel and always helping them make up the difference between their best and the performance he was expecting.

One fateful day, while on patrol, the Victoria was boarded by a small crew of pirates out to secure hostages. The crew fended the pirates off easily, but not before Marcus’s boss was killed. Marcus was promoted to the Chief of Security/Tactical role. That year, their daughter, Sophia, was born, and before they would be reassigned again, so would their youngest son, Asher.

WIth high praise from is former CO, Marcus was transferred to the USS Sydney as Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Second Officer and promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Considering Marcus and Lana had three children, one eight years old, one three, and a newborn infant, the move to the Sydney was a difficult one. The first few months were very stressful for the family and proved to be a trying time for their marriage. For a time, it felt as though Marcus never went to work without first arguing with his wife. After a few months, things balanced out and they emerged stronger than ever. They learned alot about the strength of their partnership and the true power of their marriage.

After their four year tour aboard the Sydney, Marcus was transferred to Starbase 192 as Chief of Security and Second Officer. This was Marcus’s first assignment aboard a Starfleet station and his first time in charge of such a large department. His learning curve was steep, but very soon, he was running Security aboard the Starbase as efficiently as he had aboard starships. He did so well that he was fingered to be the next XO after his predecessor was given a command of her own. During this time, he grew dramatically in his knowledge of Fleet Operations and the logistical decisions associated with command.

After being promoted to Captain, Marcus was assigned as Commanding Officer of the Defiant Class USS Michigan. He had been fortunate enough up until that point to be given assignments that allowed him to bring his family along; the Michigan was not one of those assignments. Though his ship docked at Starbase 192, he spent months at a time out on mission. The Michigan was assigned to escort merchant vessels and hunt down criminals in the Orion Syndicate. Captain Young’s extensive security experience helped him in tracking down some of the most dangerous members of the Syndicate. His most notorious capture was the crime princess Revana Nazar.

After the transfer of her CO, Marcus was reassigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Proxima in the Gamma Quadrant. Pleased to finally be united with his family for good, Marcus retrieved his wife and three children, including his oldest son, who had just graduated from the academy, and set course to meet with the Proxima.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present Commanding Officer USS Proxima
2384 - 2389 Commanding Officer USS Michigan
2381 - 2384 Executive Officer Starbase 192
2379 - 2381 Chief of Security & Second Officer Starbase 192
2375 - 2379 Chief Security/Tactical Officer & Second Officer USS Sydney
2372 - 2375 Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Victoria
2370 - 2372 Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Victoria
2367 - 2370 Security Investications Officer USS Dakota
2366 - 2367 Security Officer USS Dakota