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Nicole StIves

human female

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Nicole Monique StIves



Nicole was the youngest of six children born to Francois and René StIves. She was an avid swimmer pianist, who one day hoped to go to Le Hollywood one day. She graduated from the Conservatoire de Bordeaux. Her idol and mentor was Josephine Baker, another resistance fighter of renown and advocate against racism. Nicole passed messages to and from fighters and the allies. Her stunning looks allowed her access to the upper ranks of the German Officer Corps. She helped capture 15 officers in a raid, which lead to a great weakening of the Nazi in France. Unfortunately during that very same raid which cemented her into the Annals of French history, she encountered a secretive Nazi project. After securing the prisoners, Nicole traversed down to the basement, where a large, bell looking object was found.  Known as Die Gloke, it was an experimental time device. The Nazi, who were beginning to lose the war, were desperately attempting to make it work. She did not know what it was, but she did know it had to be destroyed. Nicole planted several explosives at the base of the machine and set the charge. Running a good distance away, about 10 or so feet, and waited. The explosion engulfed the entire building. When she awoke she was in another time, and another place. Surrounded by aliens in masks. They explained to her that she was on the Planet Earth, in the twenty fifth century and that she could never return. Frustrated, she became lost, turned to drink. She continued on in this manner for six months, when before she could take another drink. A man in starfleet uniform, approached her. He managed to convince her that there was something more to her life, now that she was in the future. He managed to convince her that starfleet was the way out of the sniveling, horrible, rut that she had been trapped in recently.