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Profile Overview

Augustus Tycho

Human man


Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Tycho


Commanding Officer
USS Tempest




Captain Augustus Tycho is the commanding officer of the USS Tempest. Charismatic and quick-witted, he cuts an affable figure, easily liked by those around him and swift to win the respect and fondness of his crew. His career has been spent primarily on Starfleet’s more distant and troubled frontiers, which he has navigated with a limited regard for rules, being accustomed to operating in places his superiors would have preferred to forget, so long as he delivered results. This reputation as a maverick has led to a troubled reintegration with the more considered and accountable organisation Starfleet has become since 2399. Tycho seems willing enough to adapt, convinced Starfleet has a responsibility to make the galaxy a better place for everyone – but he also has a strong streak of pragmatism in him, believing this improvement sometimes comes around more readily with a phaser in hand. Even those who know him may be unsure if he will diffuse a problem with his roguish charm, or overcome it with his fists.