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James Roberts Jr.

human male

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James Roberts Blackjack Jr,



*Note, born June 6, 1911*
*Reported Missing In Action(M.I.A) 28 December 1944*


James “Blackjack” Roberts jr. was born James Roberts on June 6, 1911 in Chicago, Illinois. He was born to James and Lila Roberts at the Dave Marston General Hospital. He grew up in a middle class family, which provided him with everything he needed, such as food, water, clothing, medicine, a education. He was a diligent student and eager to learn, being called “Air-Brain” by his friends. He got into many scraps when he was a child, and as a result he learned to protect himself, and watch his back at an early age. On the 10 of June 1917, word was received from several military officers that James Roberts had died in combat against the enemy. James was devastated and remained in a state of prolonged grief.(That he may or may not have recovered from)
James continued to go to school,(whereas many others would’ve dropped out) and graduated from high school on June 1, 1936. It was a proud moment in his life, he graduated as the Valedictorian. He had proved everyone wrong. His mother attended his graduation and even cried. James attended Harvard University applying for a “Fast Track” programme that would earn him a Doctorate in Psychiatry within four years. The work was difficult and unending, but Nelson managed to make several lifelong friends in the process. One such person would join him in the fires of war. His name was David Morriston, and like himself, had lived in times of abject poverty. They hit it off at a bar, on campus, where James had become intoxicated, not realizing he was a “Lightweight.” David instead of laughing like the others at his drunken antics, helped him to the bathroom. Even after he ceased vomiting, David offered to take James home.
James, through spews of vomit, confided in David that he was planning to join the military. David responded by saying. “James, no matter what, I’ll have your back.” In that instant, even though the pair had just met, had solidified their friendship to the bonds of brotherhood. The next day, when James had recovered, the pair marched up to the Recruiting office and joined the Army. They were entered as second lieutenants in the newly formed “Easy Company” of the 101st Airborne Brigade. Training was difficult, James and David struggled through the physical portion, being declared barely competent. Through the remaining years of peace, James and David continued to bond.
When the war came, Easy company was still training. James and David, eager to fulfill their patriotic duty and became agitated at not fighting the Germans. They took their frustrations out on junior rankers, by being overly strict and disciplinarian. Three years later, in December of 1944, James and David were serving on the front lines at Bastogne. The hell of the combat, enemy attacks and the trees exploding took their toll on the pair. One day, while James and David had both decided to relieve their bowels, a strange explosive engulfed them both.
When James awoke he was in a strange place, surronded by men in uniforms. They grabbed him and dragged him in front of a doctor. Who explained to him that he was no longer in 1944, and the war was over. He stated that the year was 2373 and that he was free to go after he was up to speed on current events. James immediately, out of need for a chain of command, applied to starfleet academy. He graduated in 2377 and served aboard several starfleet vessels, sucn as the USS Faragat, USS Tirpinz, and the USS Adriatic advancing through the ranks until he attained the rank of Commander. He is currently awaiting assignment.