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Kelly Jean O'Connor

Human Female

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Captain O'Connor




Kelly constantly wants to prove herself to the world. She is super competitive and will constantly strive to outperform herself. She is challenged by her small size and it frustrates her when she’s unable to reach or do something on her own. She also has a rather harsh temper. She has a fondness for the newest and latest technology and seeks it and uses it despite (perhaps) the older being more reliable. She will fiercely defend the virtues of the new object/technology.


Kelly is the youngest of four children and being the only girl, was constantly teased by her siblings. Her reaction to the teasing was to become a tom boy. At first, she would out run and outsmart her brothers; however, she worked out and trained in Aikido. Eventually, they found out that a physical tangle with her was a mistake. Since she was forced to use brawn and brains early, she did not have much of a childhood. There was no time for toys and games.

She spent most of her time learning to out guess, out smart, or otherwise out play her opponent. Her parents were not really a great influence in her life as they were always busy with their business, a French restaurant. As such, Kelly never developed any close personal relationships with her family. She quickly decided that the only place she could continue her self improvement quest was to go into Starfleet.

In Starfleet, O’Connor was a determined and brilliant student. She had some difficulty making friends because she is so determined to be the best at whatever she does. Consequently, her personality is such that people either love her or hate her. But either way, she does engender a great deal of respect for her intelligence and career.

She started her security career on Earth. She figured that would be a good way to meet several important people coming in on diplomatic missions. However, she was not long satisfied with meeting and greeting people. She felt her talents were wasted and thus, she got a tour of duty on the Alexis.

After getting promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, she quickly moved over to the America, which would prove to be her ship for quite some time. O’Connor had never intended to stay in one place for so long; however, while on the America, she met a cyborg, Roger Frankson, who was the head of the intelligence department on the ship. The chemistry between them was undeniable. As a result, a relationship ensued and she never left the America despite many opportunities to advance and leave.

2293 was the turning point in O’Connor’s life. James Kirk affected her life more than he knew and he never met O’Connor. When Gorkon was killed, some Klingons attacked Cestus III in retaliation. The America was the only ship guarding this new outpost and came under attack. Only through the ingenuity of Captain Smith and O’Connor did Cestus III survive and did America turn back the Klingon offensive.

Unfortunately for America, it was rather badly beaten up, needed another refit, and the crew needed some rest. Therefore, it was put into dock. O’Connor, after some time could not stand not being out in space. So, she made a transfer to the USS Concordia as its XO. The ship was not thrilling to her. Its mission was mostly scientific in nature; however, it was space.

It was on this ship that O’Connor got a break in her career. A distress call was received from the USS Enterprise B. O’Connor was at the con when the call came in. O’Connor’s CO was on shore leave. As a result, she had the ship. She heard the distress call, helped beam some survivors over and towed the ship into dock for repairs. Her actions gave her the rank of Commander pending the availability of a ship to Captain and she maintained control of the Concordia.

For two years, O’Connor and Frankson maintained their video/voice relationship and shared some leaves together. O’Connor always made sure she knew where the America was and kept tabs on Frankson, as much as she could.

But the romance was to end suddenly in 2295. O’Connor always tried to keep Concordia close to America. As a result, she was available for THE distress call. Upon answering the call, America reported that an away team containing both Captain Smith and XO Frankson had beamed down to investigate the sudden disappearance of a colony on Delta Trianguli III. Nothing more needed to be said. O’Connor beamed down. All that could be found of the America’s away team was Frankson’s occular implant by the beam down site. O’Connor’s preliminary investigations suggested unknown alien technology had somehow taken the colony and its members. No traces of the former colony or the away team existed. Despite waiting for several days for a new lead or hoping the alien race that took (or destroyed) the colony to come back, nothing occurred.

O’Connor ordered the America and Concordia to space dock for repairs and to obtain new crews. Although O’Connor feels that she did not deserve the promotion, her actions on behalf of Enterprise and time as Commander, along with the availability of a few vessels caused her to be promoted to Captain. The Captain rank was given among a bit of controversy. After all, Starfleet seemed full of young new Captains and there was a strong desire to stop this trend among a minority of the powers that be. But, with Kirk gone and Smith gone, new blood was needed.

O’Connor was offered the America due to her familiarity with it. She was further offered it as a compromise. America was an older ship and its chances of getting into any serious difficulties were low. This satisfied those who wanted to keep O’Connor away from the Captain rank. As a further insult to O’Connor, she was not permitted to choose her own XO.

Since then, she has numerous missions and run ins with Admiral Moore who seems determined to sabotage her. Despite that, she has come through and now is returning to Starbase for rest, relaxation, new orders, and potentially new crew.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2283 - 2286 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2286 - 2287 Security Earth
2287 - 2289 Security USS Alexis
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2289 - 2293 Chief of Security USS America
Lieutenant Commander
2293 - 2295 Executive Officer USS Concordia
2295 - Present Captain USS America