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Profile Overview

Shrar th’Dara

Andorian Thaan(male)

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Shrar




Shrar th’Dara



Chief intelligence officer for the USS Crazy Horse


Schooling and training for Shrar started at a young age with time in school centered around competition and the betterment of one’s self; students were separated by clan and uniforms were different shades of brown. Time spent outside of school consisted of finding ways to decompress and playing around, just being a kid and having fun. Shrar was luckier then his classmates in that he managed to pick up and learn his lessons faster than anyone around him and, as a result, skipped ahead a couple of grades.

Around the age of eighteen, Shrar joined the Andorian imperial guard, as was his civil duty, and found his true passion in the Intelligence Corp. There, Shrar learned how to recognize and connect patterns, how to walk without being heard, and many more skills the an intelligence operative would need from the war college. After basic training, he became an analyst, deciphering Intel that others brought in and identifying threats to the empire.

During his time in the guard, Shrar was transferred between many listening posts, mostly so that he could be where was most needed and useful. The more Intel Shrar deciphered, the more he realized there was more to his work than sitting behind a desk. He wanted to go out, see the situations first-hand, see the changes he could affect. Nearly half way through his service he applied to be a field agent; command had different plans and decided to keep him in the position, where he was already highly effective. Shrar continued to request a transfer throughout his time in service but ultimately finished his career in the guard behind a desk.

After talking to his bond group at length, the conclusion was reached that he join Starfleet which is exactly what he did.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present Chief intelligence officer USS Crazy Horse
2384 - 2389 USS Nathan Hale Assistant chief intelligence officer