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Klingon Female

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la' B'lara




Few facts and many myths surround the origins of B’lara. The earliest record of her existence begins in 2368, when she first enlisted with the KDF. Records prior to that suggest she may have been an orphan of some House that was dissolved over a matter concerning war and honour. Whatever happened, she closely guards those secrets, perhaps to encourage the enigma surrounding her status within the Empire.

Regardless of her origins, B’lara has risen through the ranks swiftly to establish herself as a reputable warrior and absolute loyalist of the Empire. Beginning 2368, she was youthful when first assigned to the IKS mupwl’nach with the rank of bekk, serving under the command of Captain Kroth of House Goradh. The ship was among those to invade the Cardassian Union and remained engaged all throughout the hostilities between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, Cardassians, and Romulans until the true identity of General Martok was discovered as a Changeling.

In those five years serving an extended term aboard the mupwl’nach, B’lara earned two promotions in recognition of acts of courage and warrior prowess.

Once the Dominion war began, the IKS mupwl’nach was deployed in numerous battles with the minions of the Changelings. Its captain was killed in battle with the Jem’Hadar. He was succeeded by his First Officer Gor’cha of House Kar, with B’lara as a junior officer. Rumours at this time suggested the pair of them were romantically involved, but no proof has ever been offered and with the dissolution of House Kor during the Dominion War, B’lara cut contact with Gor’cha.

She then was reassigned three times over the next ten years, engaged in minor skirmishes with raiders in Klingon Space. In 2379, she joined the IKS Qup’SoH and was involved in an offensive against the weakened Romulan Star Empire to reclaim numerous disputed worlds including Khitomer. The vessel was assigned to the defensive vanguard there.

A year later, B’lara was recalled from the vanguard in order to participate in a two-year exchange program with the Fourth Fleet, where she made fast friends with a Captain Jared Pittman and his XO, Commander Martha Cain, commanding officers of the USS Galatea. Assigned to exploration, Galatea was a pivotal point in B’lara’s life, allowing her a blessed reprieve from battle, and helped inspire a fascination with humans she had not before held.

It was this measure of respect and familiarity for humans that lent to the survival of a StarFleet captain two years later, when a Federation vessel attempted to assist with a Klingon colony suffering an unknown disease. Assuming the worst of their interference, B’lara — now an XO of Vor’cha class cruiser the IKS Nav’Don — had the captain and his team taken prisoner by command of the Nav’Don’s CO, Captain K’ven of House T’lanak. The StarFleet team’s release was arranged after a brief few hours of diplomacy, and the colony granted Federation aid willingly.

In 2387, the Nov’Don joined other Imperial fleets in a raid launched against Romulan space and remained there with the vanguard, unaware of the brewing rebellion until late the following year that the Nov’Don was recalled to the capital and the civil war sprung upon the Empire. Captain K’ven was among those who were compelled to defect, and he sought to influence others of the crew to do the same. His attempt was only ended when B’lara was driven to kill him, and a coup staged that saw the other traitors likewise killed or arrested.

For her act of loyalty, B’lara was granted command of a relatively newer Vor’cha, the ISK Wuv’a’tem, and tasked with engaging the rebellion wherever present.