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Amelix Milumad

Tygarian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Milumad




Amelix is a dedicated scientist. She is constantly curious about the universe and finding clues to the missing clan. She also is quite excitable and talks at a mile per minute.However, because she has so many diverse interests, she has a tendency to overlook finer details or leave projects undone. It also causes her to document her successes, sometimes making her incapable of repeating her results.
Tygarians are generally affable. They try to assist others, hoping that their assistance may eventually lead them to clues to finding their lost clan. Since they believe they can only be bound by the Reetmah, they are willing to make alliances with anyone but are not willing to “subjugate themselves” by joining an entity such as The Federation.


Amelix was the first child born to Kaze and Emson Milumad. Kaze originally came from the Nehetan Clan. Emson was warned that she should not get involved with Kaze but his free spirited nature captivated her and eventually ensnared her. It was a mere few months before they were married and less than a month later, Amelix was conceived.
Kaze tried to be a good father to Amelix and a good husband to Emson but being tied down was not easy for the former Nehetan. Shortly after Yan’s birth, Kaze left the house. He returned from time to time but he never stayed too long. Consequently, Emson was responsible for the children’s upbringing.
Amelix received a traditional female Tygarian education in the marital arts and self defense. In school, she was one of the finest students, even though attendance was an issue. Numerous times, she would get distracted by a thought, an animal, or anything that intrigued her on her way to or from school. She would study the object until she believed that she fully understood the nature of it. By the time she got to school and presented her findings, she was well ahead of her classmates on that subject. However, she could get behind on other, more rudimentary subjects.
As Amelix aged, she developed a deep connection with several Ruknee. It was suspected that she might marry someone from that clan. However, unbeknownst to the Amelix, the Ruknee were studying her as much as she was learning about them. The Ruknee showed her some of the hidden traditions, what some of her own clan might consider parlor tricks or other clans might consider magic. While her mother tried to discourage these affiliations, Amelix was not to be deterred.
Friends and family, when speaking about Amelix complained that she must have some of every clan in her. She was difficult to pin down. However, they could not complain too loudly as her achievements kept getting greater and she was being hailed as one of the scientific minds to watch. Her mother only wished that she was male so that she could leave the system and fully exploit those skills. It was obvious to her, that Amelix was not going to be a good mother and would have difficulty being tied down.
Amelix was coming to the age where she would have to choose her career. Nothing suited her fancy. There were too many pros and cons to each position. She wanted to try them all before making a decision but Tygarian scientists had to pick a path and make it their life work. Consequently, she went on a long walk. About a mile from her house, in a desolate field, she heard a wailing noise from the sky. It screamed as it burned in the Tygarian atmosphere, crashing 100 feet in front of her. Curiosity outweighing caution, she approached. When it cooled enough for the touch, which was surprisingly quickly, she picked the object up and took it home.
When she arrived, members of the Ruknee were talking to Emson. All turned to Amelix who proudly presented her find. “Look what fell from the sky.” Emson sighed. The Ruknee all bowed low to Amelix and proclaimed, “You are the bridge. You must go from here. You must enroll in StarFleet.” Amelix protested but the Ruknee were insistent. “We are our people’s spiritual guides. You have been foretold. It is your duty to go. You are the bridge.”
Amelix could get no explanation of what the bridge was and she was more confused as to why her mother was not protesting. Emson merely stated, “If the Ruknee say it must be, then it must be. I do not claim to understand. However, I do not guide our spirits.” Emson kissed her daughter and said, “Enroll. I will do what is necessary to make sure that your arrangements are settled.”
Reluctantly, yet someone excitedly, she did as her mother told her. She would be the first Tygarian ever to enroll in StarFleet. After she applied, she immediately set about studying the object she captured. However, all that she could determine was that it was a piece of neutronium. How it could end up on her planet, she did not know. After all, the metal usually formed in neutron stars. It was harvested to make shields and hulls impervious to weapons fire. It never fell from the sky onto a planet.
Upon acceptance into StarFleet, she took her belongings and her neutronium with her. Whatever her fate might be, Amelix was certain that the neutronium had something to do with it.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2382 Cadet StarFleet Academy
2382 - 2385 Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Tycho Brahe
2386 - 2389 Chief Science Officer USS Hawking