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Neema Mar

Joined Trill/Betazoid Hybrid Female

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Captain Mar




Captain Mar is an experienced officer who has been trusted by the Fleet Admiral to take command of the first mission back into the Alpha Quadrant. Before her command of the Athena she serves as the Commanding Officer of a Section 31 Special Intervention Unit and has a history in the Intelligence community.


Neema Tyjen was born as the daughter of Joran Tyjen and Mara Mikala on New Dawn Prime, the capital of the Galactic Federation. As the daughter of a well respected Captain and the Director of Section 31 she was always destined for greatness within the Galactic Fleet. At age 4 her high intelligence and empathic abilities made her the ideal candidate for a special Section 31 program to educate and train capable Officers from childhood, the training proved difficult but not impossible. As she was exposed to education from the greatest minds and physical training from some of the greatest experts in martial arts of all kinds. Like her peers she was raised with a strong hatred for those that had forced her ancestors to leave their homes and destroyed all that the original Federation stood for. At age 16 she completed the special program and entered the regular Galactic Fleet Academy, on the Intelligence and Special Operations track. The next six years would prove even more challenging than her program but upon its completion Neema could finally call herself an officer in the Galactic Fleet, starting at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade due to her previous training and education.

Neema’s first assignment would be the Sovereign class USS Vanguard which patrolled the border of Galactic Federation space. As part of the Section 31 representation on the Vanguard her assignment was to both serve as an Intelligence liaison to the Command Staff and to maintain discipline on the ship, tracking down and dealing with any dissenters. After a year on the Vanguard she was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to a Special Intervention Unit on New Dawn Prima, a unit she would remain part of for the next 8 years. In 2670 she was one of the few Trill that year selected for joining. Compared to even the rarity on Trill before the war, the amount of symbionts left with the Galactic Federation was so small that joining had become so restrictive that very few Trill ever got the chance. Especially hybrids where the fear often was of incompatibilities. Luckily a lot of research had been done on Trill/Betazoid hybrids which combined with her background made her a suitable candidate for joining with the Mar symbiont. The joining proved a truly absolutely life-changing event, suddenly exposed to centuries of memories and personalities gave her new purpose. She had always read about the Federation but to actually live with the experiences of people that had served it and defended its values gave her a renewed sense of purpose. It however also made her realize just how much her people had sacrificed to get where they were now. Only a year after joining she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and placed in charge of the Special Intervention Unit. A nearby planet had increasingly become violent towards the Galactic Federation, while the planet itself was no threat it was deemed that a public display of violence against a Delta Quadrant world would threaten the very delicate balance of power. Neema’s and her unit’s orders were to reduce the threat posed by the populist movement on that planet and to restore the status quo. Using advanced medical technology the Unit was made to look like the native species and after inserting themselves with proper cover identities they went to work. Within two years they had integrated themselves deeply into the government and less than a year later the leaders had systematically found themselves deceased following suspicious accidents. As the party dissolved under the chaos of a complete loss of leadership the mission was complete and the unit was welcomed back as heroes on New Dawn Prime, albeit without the general populace knowing about what they had done. During this assignment she had also gained another promotion Commander.

Unbeknownst to Neema, the Fleet Admiral had started to pay attention to her career following during and following the operation. With the USS Athena constructed in 2675, Neema’s loyalty to the Galactic Federation, leadership experience in Section 31 and skill under difficult circumstances and isolated from both support and loved ones made her the ideal candidate to command this first new mission to light the way for the Galactic Federation to return home.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2660 - 2666 Cadet Galactic Fleet Academy
2666 - 2667 Section 31 Liaison Officer USS Vanguard
2667 - 2671 Sentient Intelligence Specialist Special Intervention Unit, Section 31
2671 - 2673 Commander Special Intervention Unit, Section 31
2673 - 2675 Commander Special Intervention Unit, Section 31
2675 - Present Commanding Officer USS Athena