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Profile Overview

Zayn Satu

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Zayn




Raised by her aunt and uncle on Earth, Satu always knew she wanted to be a doctor like her Aunt, but was unsure of going into Starfleet. After two years in a civilian med school, Satu knew she had to switch to Starfleet Medical if she wanted a good, unbiased education. After graduation, Satu was assigned to the USS Juliard, where she found herself away from her family for the first time. Three years later, she was transferred to the USS Horatio. Unfortunately, in late 2388, the Horatio encountered unfriendly forces and in the ensuing battle, Satu was severely injured, losing her left leg. Six months later, with a biosynthetic leg, she was surprised to be sent back to active duty aboard the USS Medea as Chief Medical Officer


Satu is the eldest of two children born to Zayn Vetu and Zayn Saja. She and her brother were both named after their parents. However, they were orphaned at an early age and sent to live with their maternal aunt, Connor Genla and her human husband, Connor Bailey (who changed his name to reflect his wife’s Bajoran culture), on Earth. There, Satu and Veja were raised alongside Genla and Bailey’s three kids, as though they were theirs as well.

Satu loved her aunt and uncle and was a very happy child despite losing her parents early. She enjoyed accompanying Bailey on his archaeological trips and learning more about other cultures, especially those of ancient Earth. Satu also enjoyed watching her aunt, Genla teach at Starfleet Medical Academy. Her aunt was a well-respected doctor who was often contacted to give lectures at various medical conventions. Though Satu would have loved to attend these conventions, she was unfortunately left at home in order to continue her studies.

When she turned 18, Satu was uncertain if she wanted to live the life of a Starfleet officer. She did know, however, that she wanted to be a doctor. So, she enrolled in a civilian medical school nearby. By the end of her first year, though, she was finding the school to be not quite right for her. It focused mainly on human physiology, and as a Bajoran, she found this quite narrowminded. An incident in her second year, whereby she was made to feel as though she was less intelligent than those who were Human even if she had better grades than them, solidified in her mind that she was not meant for this school.

So, she decided she would join Starfleet Medical Academy. Her cousin, Nika also joined that year, going into Medical along with her, though without previous medical training. Veja and Linc had already been in Starfleet, both having gone into science. The following year, Bayla joined the academy choosing operations as she couldn’t decide what she wanted to do.

At the academy, Satu felt more welcome. She made many friends, and had some lovers, though nothing serious. She thoroughly enjoyed her time there and was actually sad to leave, though she knew she would keep in touch with everyone.

Upon graduation, Satu was assigned to the USS Juliard. There she found herself away from her family for the first time in her life. It was difficult for her to adjust in the beginning, but eventually she managed to settle into a routine. Three years later, she found herself transferred to the USS Horatio. During her five years aboard the Horatio, Satu slowly climbed the ranks and positions until she became Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Unfortunately, in late 2388, the Horatio encountered unfriendly forces and the ship was badly damaged. Satu was called to the bridge to attend to some of the bridge crew injured in the initial attack, however a secondary attack threw her into a console just as it exploded. She spent six months on medical leave following her injury. Both healing and getting used to the biosynthetic leg she received.

She didn’t think she would be reassigned so quickly, but the moment she was cleared for active duty again, Satu received orders to report to Headquarters where she was offered two positions. She chose Chief Medical Officer for the USS Medea.

Service Record

2376 – 2378 Medical School

2378 – 2382 Starfleet Academy – Medical

2382 – 2384 USS Juliard – Lieutenant JG, Medical Officer

2384 – 2388 USS Horatio – Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2388 – 2389 Medical leave of absence for 6 months

2389 – Curr USS Medea, Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer