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Profile Overview

Glori Hawthorn

Corvan (Altered Human) Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Hawthorn




Glori is a Corvan from Corvus Prime. Her world’s harried history has been the subject of scholarly debate and fuel for nightmares for nearly two centuries. The Hawthorn family rose early on from the ash heap of Theta-Corvus III (first called New Romania, Dhampir, then finally Corvus Prime) and its colonial cataclysms into one of the most prominent Corvan families. All personal agency notwithstanding, Glori is a product of her upbringing.
Like most modern Corvans, Glori is pale of flesh and blackened everywhere else. Her ebony hair and onyx eyes and nails make her stand out in any crowd. The synthetic blood (NOS-4-A2, patent held by Ingram Nanoscale Solutions) that flows through her veins and those of all civilized Corvans staves off the Corvan Hemophagia of her homeworld.


When Corvus Prime was formally inducted into the United Federation of Planets and her father forbade her from joining Starfleet, Glori did not think twice. Once she charmed her way through admissions, Glori saw it only natural to follow the Medical track, seeing as how her monthly dialysis treatment meant she should never be far from a Sickbay or Infirmary.

The four years at the Academy came and went without much incident. Glori drew much attention, but made few lasting friends. She struggled to find her place. A few months before graduation, she determined to be herself as much as Corvanly possible, and to hell with the rest.

While it would be unfair to say that Glori has been ostracized by her crew mates, it’s a testament to her research skills that she has advanced at all. Her first assignment after graduation kept her on Earth as an assistant researcher for Starfleet Medical. It proved to be a beneficial experience that gained her a reputation for excellence which would precede her.

Wanderlust returned to her, though, and she yearned to visit the stars she had always admired. Her first starship posting did not last long, as it was a small crew on a Wallace class. Her glib remarks and tasteless humor undermined her position with the crew. The captain transferred her as quickly as possible, dumping her in a remote outpost where she served for over a year.

Eventually there was a newly commissioned Intrepid class ship, a research vessel christened the USS Wallachia, whose CMO offered to give Glori a chance. Under that doctor’s tutelage, Glori thrived, eventually becoming her department assistant and earning a promotion.

When Starfleet began commissioning Pathfinder class starships, Glori knew that was where she would find her destiny. The USS Pioneer, second of its class, just happened to need a doctor.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present USS Pioneer Chief Medical Officer
2387 - 2389 USS Wallachia Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2384 - 2385 USS Wallachia (Intrepid class) Medical Officer
2382 - 2384 Medical Officer Outpost 99
2382 Chief Medical Officer USS Holmwood (Wallace class)
2380 - 2382 Assistant Researcher Starfleet Medical
2380 Senior Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth