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Profile Overview

Jennifer Anderson

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Senior Chief Petty Officer Anderson




Jennifer Anderson serves as the Acting Command Chief aboard LET72, and as the Operations Section Chief. She joined Starfleet after attempting to become a police officer on Terra Nova, and has served in various positions from Starbase 134 to 310.


Jennifer was born on Earth during one her fathers rare stops on the planet before being deployed. While her father couldn’t keep the family on board the ship, they often lived in a nearby starbase so that they could take advantage of any time off. When Jennifer was 5, her father was forced out over some incident. While her father never talked directly about it, all she understood was something called ‘Theta’, and while she never knew what that is, her father often became bitter and distant, carefully hiding it from the kids, but never fully.

With her mother’s career becoming more important, the family settled on Terra Nova when Jennifer was 5. Jennifer’s older sister became a politician, rising into the Federation’s political class, and Jennifer joined Terra Nova’s police forces after obtaining a degree in criminology. Quickly becoming restless, she served only a year there before events surrounding an investigation made it desirable for her to leave. With few options, she joined Starfleet as the best of her remaining options. Having already spent 4 years in school, she opted to join as an non commissioned officer and was eventually posted to Starbase 134 before being reassigned to Deep Space 12 shortly after the new administration took over. In 2386, she was transferred to 310 with her promotion to Chief Petty Officer. Serving on various security forces in 310, she was eventually transferred to LET72 in 2389 with a shuffle going on in personnel.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2377 - 2383 Master-at-Arms / Security Team Starbase 134
2383 - 2384 Master-At-Arms / Security Deep Space 12
2384 - 2386 Master-At-arms / Operations Deep Space 12
2386 - 2389 Operations Starbase 310
2389 - Present Operations Section Chief Law Enforcement Team 72