Profile Overview


Romulan Male

Character Information







A scientist and the commanding officer of the new warship USS Death in the Year 2400


Physical Appearance
Height 5’1
Weight 100 KG
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description
Muscular, Athletic, in very good shape. Clean shaven face. Usually keeps his hair short, but has been known to grow it long from time to time.No Left eye(See Histroy for more info) Eyepatch covering his left eye

Spouse None
Children None
Father xujuhk
Mother kikauka (Death By Bar Fight)
Brother(s) Groznin (Twin Status unknown)
Sister(s) None
Other Family
Vlottis Was born on and raised with his twin brother on the planet Nimbus III the place where parades was lost. Vlottis Learned at the local school with his twin brother.
At the age of 5 his Father disappeared and his Mother who owned a bar that was training 3 new staff. and the customs got a drink tipped on them and attacked everyone in the bar and other’s joined him killing every staff member including his Mother and every person who didn’t join the fight. Vlottis and his Twin brother were moved in with his Grandparents his life was getting terrible by the second he thought.
At the age of 9, his Grandfather was poisoned and his Granny fastly married another person Vince Walker a human being and to the Boys (Vlottis and his twin brother Groznin)if they didn’t behave they would be poisoned.
The Next year they aged up to 10 and the boys decided to move on, explore the dusty roads and hidden secrets Nimbus III. They packed up their items and left there Step Granddad and Grandmother for good not even looking back or coming back.
At the Age of 11, they didn’t find anything to explore it was just sand after sand. So they decided to set up a camp for the other Homeless people of Nimbus 3. The Boys went back to their Mother’s bar it was just an empty wooden shack that meant so much to them. And it was a shame to tear it down and build a new city for Nimbus 3. While dragging the wood back to the new camp which they named New Hope other people with no home joined in and helped drag the wood through the forgotten planet and helped build New Hope.
Now they were 13 New Hope was thriving it had thousands of new homes and jobs Vlottis and his Twin Brother was the leaders of New hope and the people who helped drag the wood all those years ago where the head of a department like engineering or food.13 July Years of Age. New Hopes starts supply lines to all the gangs and being making advance weapons for New Hopes police force everyone from the old city moves to the New Hope. Vlottis went out for a walk with his brother and locates a freighter and they make a hard decision to re-repair it using very little repair teams14 Years of age. New Hope was the best place for a better life it had police and farms clean water and more millions of homes. But the Nearby Gang the Black brotherhood had millions of members and spy’s and they declared war on New Hope.

15  Years of Age The New Hope is under siege every day  losing 1 thousand people and 40 injured a day but keeps winning the battle of what the local’s call Hope

16 The Local Gang wants a peace talk. Thye meet outside the Gates of New Hope and makes a deal giving 1 thousand advance weapons and stops the War of Hope

At the Age of 17. An unknown virus starts leading the people of New Hope to mutiny. Luckily Vlottis and his Twin Brother knew this would happen at one point so they made plans. They tried to escape New Hope but along the way, they kept getting attacked by civilians with knives and other sorts of weapons. They left the City hall they loved and built with their bare hands and using alleyways but they were attacked by a group of people with knives and pipes and their hands. The Boys stood there taking them with just their hands but they kept getting weaker by the second a female human came running at Vlottis with a knife jumping on him making him fall to the sand and stabbing his left out screaming for help his brother threw her off him and ran backwoods with him through the alley. His Twin Brother quickly dragged Vlottis around into a hidden safe house access only by a secret door and a spoken code there his brother did surgery on Vlottis left eye and waited a few days for things to cool down

Luckily there were thousands of catacombs underground New Hope that Groznin (His Twin Brother) had built. So he threw Vlottis and withdraw a map that had the basic exits to there secret ship. Vlottis and Groznin escaped and the time they arrived at the ship it was pitch dark but Vlottis was slowly getting better by the hour. Groznin Dragged his brother into the medical bay and hooked him up to the life support after Groznin left his brother he ran onto the bridge and flew the ship into orbit and brought the warp drive online and knowing the Romulan’s would help their own kind he set course for Romulan space and put out a distress call.

Luckily the D’merak was on patrol and heard the distress call and transported them aboard suppressed by their age and them being on a freighter on their own without adult care. But they didn’t think twice and their Medical Officer checked Vlottis and had to put him into surgery but Vlottis refused to get a replacement. So they both asked if they could get a ride to the Academy to train as Officers after seeing what had happened the Romulan Star Empire accepted them into the Tal Shiar
Young Adult
18 Went to Tal Shiar Academy training as a Scientist and a commanding officer. His Brother picked only Medical training.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - 2500 Commanding Officer USS Death
2395 - 2400 Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer IKS Chot
2390 - 2395 Second Officer and Chief Science Officer Lykara
2385 - 2390 Chief Science Officer Lykara
2380 - 2385 Assistant Chief Science Officer Albius
2374 - 2380 Science Officer D'merak
2370 - 2374 Scientist Cadet and Command Cadet Tal Shiar Acdmeny
2352 - 2370 Civilian Nimbus III