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Romulan Male

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Praetor Hakan was one of the surviving warlords after the near-collapse of the Romulan Empire following the Hobus Supernova. He was a planetary governor of Rator III and through alliances and a variety of family fleets along with loyal Romulan Star Naval Captains, he was able to beat out any competing Romulans for leadership of the Empire. The allure of his support was the promise that he would return the Romulan Empire to its former glory by re-establishing the Republican institutions that were the foundation of the government. Other competing powers wanted monarchy or another form of government.

Pining for the status quo, there was no wonder that the civil war briefly lasted. After the Treaty of Nelvana, the Romulan people wanted a united government once more, and Hakan was the answer.


Hakan was a planetary governor of Rator III, a world that was on the border of both the Romulan core worlds along with the frontier of the Empire. Rator was often a transit hub of goods and government officials transiting to and from Romulus. When the Hobus supernova occurred, it became a natural collection point for goods and refugees seeking to get away from the civil war that erupted afterwards.

Hakan was able to utilize his world’s position as a platform for his own campaign to take over the Romulan Empire, especially since most of the factions were centered around the outskirts of Romulus and the core worlds. Relying especially on family connections, Hakan, originally appointed governor by the Jaridan coalition, surprised everyone when he switched to Nej’ahar. Such a move brought additional populist support that saw the Jaridan Coalition too focused on the aftermath of the Hobus supernova and the civil war, rather than taking care of the rest of the Romulan worlds, especially the frontier. Hakan also had some Tal Shiar connections that assisted him in navigating the power struggle facing the provisional Romulan government.

Hakan was one of the more outspoken governors at the Algorab Summit who supported the frontier worlds. The Treaty of Nelvana was signed by Admiral P’alas for practical purposes, yet Hakan was able to garner the support of several core worlds who balked at the terms of the treaty. He was also seen as one of the contenders connected with Senator Vorelian. After the latter’s assassination though, the rest of the Empire largely supported Hakan and he was able to create a cohesive force that quelled any meaningful resistance.

The fact the Romulan Star Navy was split, also helped, since Admirals always wanted to support their future boss for fear of losing power over the remnants of the Romulan military. Hakan was able to secure a majority in the Senate when the time to choose the next Praetor came up.

He has now embarked on a journey to restore the Romulan Empire to its former glory.