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Profile Overview

Avril Taylor

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Taylor




Avril is a fun loving person with a bubbly type personality. She loves to socialize after hours in the lounge area. She tries to please everyone with her personality type.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Eager to learn, ability to adapt, caring and passionate. She can often misread the intentions of others, trusting people at face value.


To become a Starship Captain.

Hobbies & Interests

Socializing in the lounge and holodeck time are her two primary interests, but she loves to shop for new clothing.

Her hobby is knit from time to time. She loves looming her own scarfs, hats and mittens.

Personal History

Avril comes from a good home, her parents were high school teachers, no one in her family served Starfleet. Avril was the first in her family to become a Starfleet officer. Her parents are very proud of her.

Avril wanted to join Starfleet since she was a little girl, she loved the idea of leaving Earth and exploring the stars.

Service Record

2395 – Present
Primary: Starbase Port Royale, Chief Flight Operations Officer
Secondary: USS Tianjin, Executive Officer

2391 – 2394
USS Shanghai, Chief Control Flight Officer
USS Juno, Chief Control Flight Officer

2387 – 2391
Starfleet Academy

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - Present Chief Flight Operations Officer Starbase Port Royale
2394 - 2395 Chief Control Flight Officer USS Shanghai
2392 - 2394 Chief Control Flight Officer USS Shanghai
2391 Chief Control Flight Officer USS Shanghai