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Lieutenant Reilin







A Chaotic Youth

Records regarding the Orion female are sketchy at best before her twentieth eight birthday with even the name of Reilin potentially a psuedonym given no birth records existed with that name (albeit with the caveat that such records are difficult to glean due to the external nature of the Orions from either Klingon or Federation jurisdiction). What is known was that “Reilin” would be born as the daughter to a modest family of traders whom operated a modest shipping company along the borders of the Klingon Empire, a company that exists to this day under the label of the Gera Sen Shipping Company though the involvement of “Reilin” with the company beyond being born to the main family was unknown. Sightings of a woman matching the description of Reilin were often common in a travelling troupe of performers where the Orion’s playful and obviously seductive nature was used to great effect in the charming of its patrons.

By 2364 though, Reilin had left the retinue of the company and was sighted with a group of privateers operating along the borders of the Romulan/Klingon border, this group of privateers was suspected of involvement with several skirmishes with Romulan and Klingon forces throughout the 2360s before ultimately being eliminated in 2369, though it would have seemed that Reilin had left the company of the privateers well before this time. It would be in the heat of the burgeoning Klingon War with the Federation in 2373 and the subsequent Dominion War a year later where the first proper records of the woman known as Reilin would begin, the woman serving as a nurse in Médecins Sans Frontières, often providing aid to predominantly Federation forces in the aftermath of the battles that would rage throughout both the Alpha and Beta Quadrant and for a time in the ensuring reconstruction period of Cardassia following the end of the Dominion War and the signing of the Treaty of Bajor.

It would be in early 2376, when the now thirty one year old Reilin would be recommended to Starfleet Medical for training at Starfleet Academy by a Commander Najib Durdu, one of the overseeing medical officers of the Starfleet Medical division on Cardassia. This being done at the behest of a friend of his in the Médecins Sans Frontières, the reasons for which Reilin herself regards as something of a private matter, though she would have admitted to a certain resistance at first.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor

It would, ironically, be at the Academy and entering the medical division of Starfleet herself where the wild nature of the Orion would find a certain focus. Being already both older than many of her colleagues as well as an Orion, Reilin was something of a stand-out in the academy proper and her time there was hardly difficult though one might have said it was a “colourful” experience with records indicating several complaints and disputes regarding certain dalliances with her relatively younger colleagues as well as several records detailing several experiments regarding the use of various drugs. One of which landed the woman in the Academy infirmary for about a week due to the administration of a home made infusion apparently intended to mitigate the “annoying” (according to Reilin) issue of her pheremones effects on women.

Suffice to say, the Cadet would recover from her time and within the space of four years would conclude her time in Starfleet with honours in biochemistry which she would make something of a specialisation going forth.

The Heinlein

Her first assignment in 2380 following the Academy would be on the Nebula-class USS Heinlein which would be one of the first post-war long-range science missions reactivating an initiative to explore the galactic eastern-most regions of the Beta Quadrant. Intended as something of a quiet mission to slowly bring the now heavily militarised Starfleet back to some semblance of their roots as an exploratory organisation, the Heinlein Expedition was often anything but boring with a number of first contacts made by the crew, though Reilin’s more adventurous nature in the realms of medicine often saw her clashing with the more by-the-book Assistant Chief Medical Officer, a Tellarite Lieutenant known as Grex.

A fact that was not made easier due to the fact that towards the third year of the mission, where by a post-first contact mission with a race called the Rakani saw the ship’s CO, XO and CMO struck with a biological agent during an attack by renegades fearing a potential alliance with the new arrivals would see them quashed. The state of the three senior staff members ultimately causing the Heinlein to be forced to return to Federation space in an effort to get the afflicted trio to a Starbase, though projections saw that at best they’d be two weeks away from the nearest facility at maximum warp. With Grex left ultimately in charge of the care of the trio, Reilin suggested the use of one of her experimental drugs along with the use of deep stasis to potentially halt the spread of the biotoxin they had been administered to.

A move that did not sit well with Grex, citing the untested nature of the drug and its unknown effects of the differing biologies between the three (each being a Vulcan, a Human and a Denobulan respectively). Instead he suggested a more conservative approach, which to a degree worked as intended, managing to slow the rate of corruption by half even with stasis. In a move she would cite as one of “midling great/bad ideas”, she covertly switched around a series of stablising drugs with her own concoction and administered it to them. The result of which saw them stablised with just enough time to be transferred to a Intensive Care facility.

Grex however would ultimately discover of her subterfuge, but surprisingly did not raise the issue with the CMO following the aftermath. To the current day she never really knew why he never reported it, though she did not emerge unscathed with a letter of reprimand on her permanent record and a demand from the ACMO to transfer her off the Heinlein.


She would find herself transferred to a comparatively far less “glamorous” assignment on the Cardassian border with an assignment to Starbase 258, ironically returning her to where she had began with her time with Starfleet. For the next two years she would serve aboard the supporting Sabre-class USS Nightingale as part of the ship’s medical retinue, mostly tending to outbreaks and supporting the still fragile but recuperating Cardassian colonies whom had been more or less placed at the bottom with the focus on the inner territories of the former Union. Her arrival would see her the invariably source of rumours with many considering her assignment to a punishment.

Though by the end of her actions on the Nightingale, she would find herself promoted quietly to Lieutenant Junior Grade, due in part for her ease at taking charge and leading her fellow doctors with the limited resources on hand. She would have considered this something of her “time-in-exile”.

New Prospects.

Eventually though she would find herself called upon to take up the role of Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the Steamrunner-class USS Tolstoy during its operations in the Gamma Quadrant, while hardly as “prestigious” as the Heinlein, service aboard the Tolstoy was hardly dull nor monotonous with Reilin herself being offered a plethora of opportunities to explore the new biology of a new number of species, the older Orion having attained something of a small ‘zoo’ of creatures in her effort to find better ways of healing.

Then at the dawn of 2389, a unique offer passed by her desk following the Tolstoy’s return to Deep Space Nine, a offer for the position of Chief Medical Officer and a promotion to Lieutenant aboard a Galaxy-class vessel, the Magellan.

Personality Profile

As a youth, Reilin was a wandering, sensorous and restless soul always eager to move onto the next challenge or experience and that had both served her well by giving her a wide range of useful “talents” in a number of fields, these included anything from the more mundane aspects like lock-picking and some minor knowledge of hacking to the ability to strip down a number of personal weapons from Klingon disruptors to Cardassian phaser rifles. She would often, whimsical so, state that they were the “fruits of a very misspent” youth, though one of the skills she attained that she still partakes in are a number of exotic dances from her time in the troupe ranging from the more traditional Orion to a few Risian dances. Her love of dance and music of all sorts in particular have cultivated a sense of seeking “refinement” in her later years and often she would keep to something of a refined manner.

In contrast, her professional side could only be defined as “mad scientist or doctor”. While a very competent doctor with a bed side manner some of have called “playful”, Reilin’s experiences during the academy and her time as a healer with Starfleet had given a sharp focus to her wandering nature by giving her the ability to experiment with all the resources that a Starfleet vessel could offer. It would not be unusual for her to partake of the use of living creatures in the vein of some doctors like the pre-Federation CMO of the first Enterprise, Phlox to more traditional synethising to craft interesting chemicals that would produce a number of effects. Such was her penchant for finding new and innovative ways to tweak and heal (albeit within the limiting aspects of Starfleet policy) that she would often find means to equip a biobed with holography more inclined with that of a holodeck.

For all of her playfulness though, she was known as a stubborn woman whom certainly played to her own moral tune, as the incident aboard the Heinlein had demonstrated she was not adverse to taking risks to ensure the survival of her patients.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2376 - 2380 Cadet Starfleet Academy Medical Division
2380 - 2383 Medical Officer USS Heinlein
2383 - 2385 Medical Officer USS Nightingale out of Starbase 258
2385 Medical Officer (Medical Team Leader) USS Nightingale out of Starbase 258
2385 - 2389 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Tolstoy